Last year’s runners-up Haryana Hammers edge past Mumbai Maharathi on Saturday (Day- 12) in the action-packed Pro Wrestling League 2018 Season 3 at Siri Fort, New Delhi. With just one defeat in their season 3 campaign through the hands of defending champions NCR Punjab Royals on match day 8, the Hammers brough themselves back on winning terms and booked their tickets for the semi-finals after defeating Mumbai Maharathi 4-3. Before the tie, Mumbai Maharathi were right behind their opponents with just a single win in 3 games. In order to keep their PWL Season 3 hopes alive, the Maharathi landed themselves in a must-win situation against the Hammers. For the Hammers, a superb performance by Sumit Malik in his heavyweight clash confirmed his side’s victory againts a well organized Mumbai side led by Sakshi Malik. Hammers earned a well fought win on Day 12 against Mumbai Maharathi with a 4-3 margin in the end.  

Speaking ahead of the match were the co-owner of Haryana Hammers, who revealed that his side are confident to wrap up the tie in their favour. ”We have only one motto that the work that had not happened in the first two seasons, will happen this time,” said the co-owner of Haryana Hammers. Their opponents and Mumbai Maharathi’s co-owner Moolchand Sahrawat said that he believes in Olympic medalist wrestler Sakshi Malik who is capable of winning along with the likes of Satyawart, Odunayo, Satyendra, Vascan Cynthia and Olympic champion Sosalan whose role will be quite crucial in the game.

Here are the highlights from the Pro Wrestling League Season 3 Day 12 encounter between Haryana Hammers and Mumbai Maharathi:

8:44 PM — Superb performance in the end by Sumit Malik as the heavyweight grappler wins the tie for Haryana Hammers. Hammers win the Day 12 tie against Mumbai Maharathi with a 4-3 margin.  

8:42 PM — With half a minute to go and Sumit is leading the bout-7 with a 4-0 lead. Jubilant scenes at Haryana Hammers’ dugout right now.  

8:40 PM — We are midway through in the second and final round between Sumit and Satinder. Sumit has got the single leg hold locked in! It’s a 3 pointer for Sumit. He is leading 4-0 now.  

8:38 PM — The final 3-minutes will decide the fate of Haryana Hammers and Mumbai Maharathi as the final round of the final bout gets underway. 

8:36 PM — End of first round ladies and gentlemen, Sumit Malik of Haryana Hammers is a point up against Satinder Malik of Mumbai Maharathi. 

8:34 PM —  We are almost a minute up and it’s getting technical between the two. No points scored by both heavyweight wrestlers so far. 

8:32 PM — Time for tonight’s heavyweight contest folks and the final bout will also be the decider between the Haryana Hammers and Mumbai Maharathi. The first round of the final bout between Satinder Malik (Mumbai Maharathi) and Sumit (Haryana Hammers) is underway.  

8:28 PM — Final bout will decide tonight’s winner whether it will be Mumbai or Haryana, stay tuned to find out as final battle between Satinder Malik of Mumbai Maharathi and Sumit of Haryana Hammers is up next.  

8:24 PM — Mumbai Maharathi are back in the tie and they have levelled things up 3-3 against Haryana Hammers. 

8:22 PM — A hard-fought victory by Sakshi Malik over her friend Sarita. This was indeed a nail-biting contest ladies and gentlemen. Eventually, Sakshi Malik gets the better of Sarita to end the contest with slightest of margin. Mumbai are back with their skipper’s 5-4 win over Haryana Hammers’ grappler. 

8:20 PM — Haryana Hammers might’ve thought that the tie would end in their favour but Mumbai Maharathi skipper Sakshi Malik had other plans.  

8:18 PM — Textbook stuff from Sakshi Malik, the Mumbai skipper takes down Sarita from a standing position to lead bout-6 with a 5-4 margin.  

8:16 PM — Two points for Sarita straightaway! a massive takedown on Sakshi Malik out of nowhere. 

8:14 PM — First round flash by ladies and gentlemen, Mumbai Maharathi skipper Sakshi Malik is leading bout-6 with a solitary point. 

8:12 PM — With the Hammers leading the tie 3-2, it’s possibly the best time for Sakshi Malik to level things around for the Maharathi. 

8:10 PM — We are heading towards bout-6 folks and pride of India Sakshi Malik steps up against Sarita. The Mumbai captain is up against her friend Sarita. 

8:08 PM — Haryana Hammers are leading the tie 3-2 against Mumbai Maharathi. 

8:06 PM — Impressive wrestling display by Khetag Tsabolov of Mumbai Maharathi. 

8:03 PM — Wow! Khetag Tsabolov is the postman for Haryana Hammers because he always delivers. Parveen Dahiya has been absolutely decimated by Khetag Tsabolov with a stunning 16-0 margin. He wins the bout via technical superiority.  

8:01 PM — The action is underway between the two grapplers. Khetag Tsabolov was about to produce the quickest pinfall of PWL Season 3. Although the pinfall was prevented by Parveen Dahiya. 

7:59 PM — Time for bout 5 ladies and gentlemen, representing Mumbai Maharathi is Parveen Dahiya and he is up against  Khetag Tsabolov of Haryana Hammers.  

7:57 PM —  No second chance given by  Odunayo as Mumbai grappler gets the better of Pooja with a 4-2 margin. 

7:55 PM — Erdenebatyn Bakhbayar of MumbaiMaharathi beats Vladimer Khinchegashvili of Haryana Hammers 4-8. 

7:42 PM — The second round between the lightweight wrestlers is underway. Vladimer Khinchengashvili with a takedown gets his first 2 points. A deficit is only two points now. Crucial last minute for both wrestlers.  

7:40 PM — Erdenebatyn Bakhbayar of Mumbai Maharathi is leading the third tie with a 4-point lead. 

7:38 PM — Early points conceded by Vladimer Khinchengashvili, Bakhbayar is banking on his 4-point lead. 

7:36 PM — The first round between the lightweight wrestlers is underway. 

7:34 PM —  Up next is 57kg bout between Vladimer Khinchengashvili of Haryana Hammers and Erdenebatyn Bakhbayar of Mumbai Maharathi.

7:32 PM — Joy for Hammers! newly named captain for tonight’s action Sun Yanan wraps up the bout via pinfall. Yanan beats Seema Bisla 9-4 margin to level the tie between Hammers and Maharathi.

7:30 PM — Another point to her name as Yanan is about to end the contest in Haryana Hammers’ favour.  

7:28 PM —  Sun Yanan is desperately trying to turn his attack in a pinfall. She is leading 6-1 for the moment. 

7:26 PM — The second round is underway between  Sun Yanan and Seema Bisla. A pushout effected by Bisla to bag an equalising point against the Chinese wrestler. 

7:24 PM — A point for passivity given to Sun Yanan as she leads the second bout with a single point to her name. 

7:22 PM — We are almost 2 minutes up in the second bout of the night and both Sun Yanan and Seema Bisla are pointless.  

7:20 PM — The first round between Chinese wrestler Sun Yanan and Seema Bisla is underway. 

7:18 PM — Next up is women’s action in the 50kg category, representing Haryana Hammers is Sun Yanan and she is up against National champion (Mumbai Maharathi) Seema Bisla. 

7:16 PM — Things going as planned for Mumbai right now as their Rio Olympic gold medallist picks up the first win with a 15-1 margin. Mumbai Maharathi leads 1-0 with 6 bouts to come next. 

7:14 PM — Talk about timing and quick reversals, Soslan Ramonov is having everything in is arsenal. Soslan Ramonov leads 15-1. 

7:12 PM — Another takedown by the Russian, Soslan Ramonov dominating the first bout. He is leading 11-1 now. 

7:10 PM — Harphool is behind with a 5-point deficit as second round is off and running. A minute gone Ramonov still leading 6-1. 

7:08 PM — Soslan Ramonov is leading the bout with a comprehensive lead of 6-1 as second round is about to get underway.  

7:06 PM — With a decent attack Harphool has picked up a solitary point but its still the Russian who is under control. Soslan Ramonov takes down Harphool with yet another attack to end the first 3 minutes in Mumbai’s favour. 

7:04 PM — The first bout between Harphool and Soslan Ramonov has been underway. The Russian Ramonov has bagged the first point of the bout. Mumbai grappler leading the bout 2-0. 

7:02 PM — We are about to kick start the first bout of the night at Siri Fort between Harphool and Soslan Ramonov in the 74Kg category.  

7:00 PM — It’s toss time ladies and gentlemen and Haryana Hammers without star player have won the toss. After winning the toss the 92kg men’s category has been blocked by the Hammers, while Sakshi Malik has decided to block 76 women’s category.   

 6:10 PM — Update on World Champion Helen Maroulis: The Rio Olympics Gold medallist had got injured which happened during the first bout and it is being handled by doctors. 

6:00PM — Hello and welcome to the LIVE streaming of the Pro Wrestling League Season 3 Day 12 encounter between Haryana Hammers and Mumbai Maharathi. For tonight’s action the matches are as follows: 

(First name of Haryana Hammers) 57 kg – Vladimir Khinchengashvili Vs Behbayeer, 65 kg – Harphool Vs Soslan Ramonov, 74 kg – Khetik Tsabolov Vs Praveen, 92 kg – Roublejit Singh Vs Satyawart Kadian, 125 kg – Sumit Vs Satender, 50 kg – Sun Yanan Vs border, 57 kg – Helen Maroulis Vs Odunayo, 62 kg Sarita Vs Sakshi Malik, 76 kg – Pooja Vs Vascon Cynthia.


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