Haryana Hammers have beaten Veer Marathas by 5-2 in the second match of the Pro Wrestling League Season 3 at Siri Fort Sports Complex in New Delhi on Wednesday evening. Both the teams had a star-studded line up, but it was Hammers who proved why they are the two-time champions. In the first game, Mumbai Maharathi had thrashed Delhi Sultans by 5-2 after a glittering ceremony on Tuesday. This is the first time in the history of the league that wrestling is taking place in Olympic style Greco Roman format. 

Things began on a splendid note for Haryana Hammers as they won the toss.  Vladimir Khinchegashvili beat Shravan Kumar by a 7-3 to kick start their 2018 campaign. However, Vasilisa Marzaliuk of Veer Marathas soon managed to level the scores by getting the better of her opponent. At one point they even managed to get a lead with Georgi Ketoev’s win. However, things began to go downhill from there for them and they could not win any other bout in the game handing Haryana Hammers an easy victory.  

Highlights of match between Veer Marathas and Haryana Hammers:

08: 51 PM IST | The final bout has been won by Khetik Tsabolov of Haryana Hammers by 10-0  and with this Haryana Hammers have won their first game of the league by 5-2. What a terrific performance it has been by the two-time champions! And with that we bring our live coverage to an end! Hope you enjoyed it! Join us tomorrow! Same time, same place! 

08:45 PM IST | Khetik Tsabolov of Haryana Hammers leading by 6-0 after the first round of the bout. Marathas’ hopes fading into oblivion now! 

08:34 PM IST | The last bout of the night will take place between Parveena Rana of Veer Marathas and Haryana Hammers’ Khetik Tsabolov  in 74 kg. Marathas will be itching to get a victory here even though they have already lost the game. Can Rana do it, only time will tell!

08: 33 PM IST | Helen Maroulis wins by 9-1. And with this Haryana have won the game. Last bout coming up! 

08: 30 PM IST | Helen leading by 3-0 after first round. Worries in Maratha’s camp. 

08:26 PM IST | Next bout is between Marwa Amri of VM and Helen Maroulis of HH in 57 kg category. Veer Maratha eyeing a comeback, but is its gonna be extremely difficult for them since Helen has a lot of experience. 

08:20 PM IST | Harphool wins the bout 5-5. Haryana Hammers leading by 3-2. 

08: 15 PM IST | Amit Dhankar is leading by 3-1 in the first round. Harphool will have to do a lot of work here to keep his hopes of a comeback alive in the bout. . 

 08: 06 PM IST | Next bout will see a clash between Amit Dhankar of Veer Marathas and Harphool Sigh of Haryana Hammers in 65 kg. 

08:04 PM IST | Sarita wins the bout 4-3. Haryana Hammers level the scores. What a tight battle this is turning out to be. Excitement levels are at its peak. 

07: 55 PM IST | Sarita got injured in the first half itself, but overcame it to take 2-0 lead in first half of the bout.  

07:49 PM IST| Manju of Veer Marathas and Sarita of Haryana Hammers to fight it out in 62 kg weight category next. HH will be looking forward to level the scores now. 

07:45 PM IST | Georgi Ketoev of Veer Marathas has won the battle against his opponent by 16-0 to give Veer Marathas a lead in the game. It was completely a one-sided contest. 

07: 41 PM IST | Georgi Ketoev of Veer Marathas to fight it out with Haryana Hammers’ Roublejit Singh Rangi in third bout of the night. 

07:36 PM IST|  Vasilisa Marzaliuk of Veer Marathas wins the second bout 8-0 to level the scores. Pooja was no where in the game. A sight of relief for Marathas! 

07: 31 PM IST| The next bout will take place between Pooja Sihag of Haryana Hammers  and Vasilisa Marzaliuk of Veer Marathas in 76 kg category. 

07:27 PM IST | Vladimir Khinchegashvili has won the first bout by a margin of 7-3 to give Haryana Hammers the lead. Things have begun on a good note for them. 

07:21 PM IST| Both the wrestlers ate trying to outdo each other, tough bout it is turning out to be. Both got 2 points each in the second half. 

07: 13 PM IST| In the first game, Shravan Kumar of Veer Marathas will be taking on Vladimir Khinchegashvili of Haryana Hammers in 57 kg category. 

07:11 PM IST| Haryana Hammers have won the toss, block 125 kg in men’s category and 50 kg in women’s category. 

07:00 PM IST| All right then. Toss to take place in a few minutes from now. 

06:41 PM IST | This is the first team Veer Marathas are playing in the league, so all eyes will be on them. Haryana Hammers, on the other hand, have won  the tournament twice. 

6:23 PM: Only a few minutes remaining for the live action. Get set, peeps!

5:45 PM: Hello and Welcome to the live coverage of the tussle between Veer Marathas and Haryana Hammers. The match will begin at 6:50 PM. 

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