The group stages came to an exciting end on Monday when UP Dangal clashed with NCR Punjab Royals for a place in the semi-finals. In the first semi-final, the audience will witness a rematch between UP Dangal and NCR Punjab Royals and there is huge anticipation among fans about the forthcoming encounter. In yesterday’s game, Jitender won the last bout for UP Dangal and booked a seat for his team in the semifinals as the UP side gained an advantage over MP Yodha and Mumbai Maharathi in the tally of total bouts.

NCR Punjab Royals topped the league table by winning their match against UP Dangal. NCR Punjab Royals will be riding high on confidence after yesterday’s win and will attempt to emulate the result and reserve a seat in the finals of Pro Wrestling League season 4 as they seek to conquer the title for the third consecutive time. Marquee players Bajrang Punia, Mimi Hristova, Dato Marsagishvili and Anita delivered an energetic performance in yesterday’s game and were instrumental in Punjab’s win on Monday.

UP Dangal made their way to the semi-finals despite failing to maintain a stronghold at the league table. UP Dangal played with a strategy of winning or losing the game with a score of 4-3 so that they will be at a lead in the tally of total bouts won. NCR Punjab Royals maintained a lead of 4-2 in the game but in the last bout of the game, UP Dangal’s Jitender thrashed Amit Dhankar of NCR Punjab Royals and marshalled his team to the semi-finals.

UP Dangal was overpowered by NCR Punjab Royals in a nail-biting cliffhanger, yet both the teams secured a place in the semi-finals of the ongoing tournament. Interestingly, both the teams will see off competition from each other yet again today but the stakes will be higher since a final berth will be on the line.

Here are the squads for today’s game:

Punjab Royals: Anju (53 Kg), Mimi Hristova (57 Kg), Nitin Rathi (57 Kg), Anita (62 Kg), Bajrang Punia (65 Kg), Amit Dhankar (74 Kg), Cynthia Vescan (76 Kg), Dato Marsagishvili (86 Kg), Korey Jarvis (125 Kg).

UP Dangal: Vanesa Kaladzinskaya (53 Kg), Naveen (57 Kg), Sarita (57 Kg), Navjot Kaur (62 Kg), Pankaj Rana (65 Kg), Jitendra (74 Kg), Epp Mae (76 Kg) Irakli Misituri (86 Kg), Giorgi Sakandelidze (125 Kg).

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