Here at the Indoor stadium of Ludhiana, Delhi Sultans will face-off NCR Punjab Royals on the Day 7 of super exciting Pro Wrestling League season 4. Both the teams are loaded with national and international medalists and tonight, all eyes will be on NCR Punjab Royals’ Bajrang Punia and Delhi Sultans’ Sakshi Malik. On one side, Delhi Sultans will try to put misery on NCR Punjab Royals who lost their first match, while Punjab will looking forward to break Delhi’s winning streak. In the last match, on Friday, Delhi Sultans registered a victory by 4-3 in a nail-biting match. Olympic medalist Sakshi Malik notched the final bout win and brought her team home. In the low scoring decider bout, Sakshi Malik of Delhi Sultans defeated UP Dangal’s star Navjot Kaur.

On the other side, NCR Punjab Royals faced a defeat in the first match, but grapplers Bajrang Punia and Dato Marsagishvili showed a power packed performance and entertained the audience.

Today, both the teams— Delhi Sultans and NCR Punjab Royals— will try to propel their sides towards triumphs and bag crucial points for their sides.

NCR Punjab Royals: Anju (53 Kg), Mimi Hristova (57 Kg), Nitin Rathee (57 Kg), Bajrang Puniya (65 Kg), Anita (62 Kg), Amit Dhankhar (74 Kg), Alina Stadnik Makhynia (76 Kg), Dato Marsagishvili (86 Kg), Korey Jarvis (125 Kg)

Delhi Sultans: Pinki (53 Kg), Rahul Aware (57 Kg), Katherina Zhydachivska (57 Kg), Sakshi Malik (64 Kg), Kwiatkowski Andrey (65 Kg), Khetik Tsabolov (74 Kg), Shustovo Anastasia (76 Kg), Praveen (86 Kg) Sumit Malik (125 Kg)

Here are the Highlights of Delhi Sultans Vs NCR Punjab Royals:


NCR Punjab Royals wins by 3-4

Bajrang Punia powers NCR Punjab Royals to a 3-4 win against Delhi Sultans and defeats Kwiatkowski Andrey by 9-0. With this win, the winner of 3rd season NCR Punjab Royal and breaks Delhi's winning streak.

Bajrang Punia takes 2-0 lead

NCR Royal Punjab's Bajrang Punia takes 2-0 lead against Delhi Sultans Kwiatkowski Andrey in the 65 Kg category decider bout. The Olympian is playing an attacking game and not allowing Andrey to take any point.

Sakshi Malik wins another point for the Delhi Sultans

Sakshi Malik smashes another point for Delhi Sultans by defeating NCR Punjab Royals'wrestler Anita by 11-0. After the match, Sakshi Malik wished his teammate Kwiatkowski Andrey, who will face Indian star wrestler Bajrang Punia in the 65 kg category in the decider bout.

Delhi 2-3 Punjab

After the half-time of the sixth bout, Delhi's Sakshi Malik has taken a 5-0 lead and mulling the Punjab opponent Anita. Its a great show of skills and mental presence by the Olympic bronze medalist Sakshi Malik. Delhi 2-3 Punjab.

Delhi Sultans vs NCR Punjab Royals

Sakshi Malik walks in for Delhi Sultans to lock horns against NCR Punjab Royals' Anita in 62 kg category.

Delhi Sultans 2-3 NCR Punjab Royals

Korey made a comeback in the second half and thrashed Satender by a lead of 5, the scores being 7-2. Korey levelled up Punjab's score by 3-2 with a lead of 1.

Delhi Sultans vs NCR Punjab Royals

Satinder Malik and Korey Jarvis lock horns for the 125 kg category. Satender Malik at a lead of 1-0 by half time. Satender giving a hard fight to Korey.

Delhi Sultans 2-2 NCR Punjab Royals

Delhi Sultans'wrestler Pinki crushes NCR Punjab Royals' Anju's challenge in 53 kg bout by 9-4. Pinki's skills impressed the audience and bagged another point for Delhi. Now the scores are leveled by 2 each.

Delhi Sultans vs NCR Punjab Royals

Next bout going on between Pinki and Anju. Pinki maintaining the lead by 6-0. Anju unable to prove herself in the first half.

Delhi Sultans 1-2 NCR Punjab Royals

Praveen Kumar and Dato Marsagishvili are now face to face. Both the wrestlers have grappled each other but Dato has an upper hand. In the one-sided competition, Dato beats Praveen by 12-0 and the officials have declared him as the winner even before the second half of the bout.

Delhi Sultans 1-1 NCR Punjab Royals

NCR Punjab Royal's Cynthia Vescan beats Shustovo Anastasia by 2-1 in the 76 Kg category Female bout. the scores are level now and both the teams have one point each. 5 bouts are yet to be played and expectations are high from Bajrang Punia and Sakshi Malik.

Delhi Sultans vs NCR Punjab Royals

Cynthia at a lead of 2 by score being 2-0. The bout is going to be super exciting and action-packed. Cynthia Vescan ruling the bout.

Delhi Sultans 1-0 NCR Punjab Royals

High voltage performance by Khetik Tsabalov. Defeated Vinod Kumar by 16-0. Next match between Cynthia Vescan and Anastasia Shustova.

Delhi Sultans vs NCR Punjab Royals

The first bout between Vinod Kumar and Khetik Sabalov for the 74 kg category. Khetik at a lead by 10-0 at the half time. Tough competition to Vinod Kumar by Khetik Tsabalov.

Delhi Sultans wins the toss

Delhi Sultans wins the toss and blocks the 57 kg female category. On the other side, NCR Punjab Royals chose the 57 kg male category.

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