The 4th season of Pro Wrestling League will get underway as the Mumbai Maharathi entertain Punjab Royals who will be looking to complete a hat-trick of titles having emerged victorious in each of the past 2 seasons

This fixture is expected to have exciting match-ups as national superstars such as Vinesh Phogat, Bajrang Punia, Amit Dhankar will be looking to provide an exciting and fiery start to the competition. The first leg of the tournament will be played in Panchkula from where the action will move to Ludhiana and will culminate with the final set of fixtures in Greater Noida.

Last year’s Commonwealth and Asian Games gold medal winner Vinesh Phogat will lead Mumbai Maharathi’s campaign. Vinesh who will be competing in the 53 Kg women’s category will have to grapple with last year’s national championship’s silver medallist Anju.

Commonwealth and Asian games gold medallist Bajrang Punia who will be competing in the 65 Kg men’s category will be instrumental in motivating and pushing the Punjab Royals’ squad and he will have to deal with last year’s national champion Harphool in what is expected to be a riveting encounter.

Mumbai Maharathi’s squad: Vinesh Phogat (53 Kg), Betzabeth Angelica (57 Kg), Ibragim Ilyasova (57 Kg), Shilpi Yadav (62 Kg), Harphool (65 Kg), Sachin Rathi (74 Kg), Zsanett Nemeth (76 Kg), Deepak Punia (86 Kg), Baitseev Vladislav (125 Kg).

NCR Punjab Royals’ squad: Anju (53 Kg), Mimi Hristova (57 Kg), Nitin Rathi (57 Kg), Anita (62 Kg), Bajrang Punia (65 Kg), Amit Dhankar (74 Kg), Alina Stadnik Makhynia (76 Kg), Dato Marsagishvili (86 Kg), Korey Jarvis (125 Kg).

Here are the highlights of Pro Wrestling League season 4 Mumbai Maharathi Vs NCR-Punjab Royal:


Sachin Rathi wins the Player of the match award

Mumbai Maharathi's Sachin Rathi who competed in the men's 74 Kg category was awarded the player of the match for his splendid performance in the bout against the experienced Amit Dhankar.

Mumbai Maharathi secure victory in the first match

Mumbai Maharathi has beaten defending champions NCR Punjab Royals by an aggregate score of 4-3 on the opening night of the 4th season of Pro Wrestling League, 2019.

Bajrang Punia wins his bout 8-2 on point difference

Bajrang begins the second round aggressively and gains a point quickly but Harphool moves quickly to gain 2 points. Bajrang composes himself and opens up a 4 point lead and ends the round with a comfortable 8-2 victory in the last bout.

Bajrang leads after the first round by 2 points

A slow start to the round with no points scored by either grappler. Bajrang opens the scoring with 2 points in the final minute to finish the first round going into the final round

Final bout of the night sees Bajrang Punia take to the mat

Bajarang Punia will face off against Harphool in the final bout of the night in the men's 65 Kg category to finish off the proceedings for the day.

Vinesh pins Anju to secure the bout for Mumbai

Vinesh setting the pace in this bout and gains a 2-point advantage early on. VCinesh ends the bout with a comprehensive pin to flatten her opponent to secure the bout with a score of 8-0. Mumbai lead 4-2 on ties.

Mumbai Maharathis could win the match with a victory in this bout

Vinesh Phogat will look to seal the deal for her Mumbai side, as she prepares to take on Anju in the penultimate bout of the night. Punjab would look to set up a decider with a win in this bout.

Vinesh Phogat and Bajrang Punia's bouts coming up as the contest heats up

Now on to the final 2 bouts of the night, which will see the headliners Vinesh Phogat and Bajrang Punia in action

Dato salvages some pride for Punjab with a comprehensive win over Deepak

Dato looks comfortable in the match and is brushing aside Deepak with utmost ease. Dato has a 10 point lead with a minute remaining in the bout and finishes the bout with a 10-2 win. Punjab reduces the lead to 2-3.

Dato wins first round 6-0 to keep Punjab in the hunt

Dato gains a healthy lead of 6 points over Deepak Punia and keeps the hopes of a comeback for his team. Deepak Punia looks weary as his opponent took advantage of his slowness to score heavily

Men's 86 Kg category bout could be the decider

Punjab's Dato Marsagishvili has the responsibility to salvage his team's chance in the game against Mumbai's Deepak Punia

Zsaneet holds off Cynthia as Mumbai Maharathis edge closer to victory with a 3-1 lead

2nd round begins with very few incidents but Zsaneet gains a further 2 points to increase her lead to 3 points and wins the bout by 3-0. Mumbai Maharathis close to an unassailable lead in the match.

Zsaneet leads 1-0 after 1st round

Zsaneet takes an early lead of a point and that remains the only point of the round and sets up an intense 2nd round

Women's 76 Kg category bout up next

Mumbai sends Zsanett Nemeth to face Cynthia in an all-international bout as Mumbai look to strengthen their lead while Punjab looks to equalise.

Sachin wins a low scoring battle as he extends Mumbai's lead to 2-1 bouts

A tough battle between the 2 grapplers with very little to separate them. Sachin slowly growing in the game and gains 3 points to overtake Amit and finishes the round cautiously to take his team in front.

A slim 2-0 lead for Amit over Sachin

A low scoring round sees a slender lead of 2 points for Amit Dhankar and Punjab as the second round evenly poised

Next bout in the men's 74 Kg category

Mumbai's Sachin Rathi will face-off against Punjab's Amit Dhankar in the 74 Kg category in an exciting bout between 2 talented Indian wrestlers.

Mimi pips Betzabeth in the second round and wins bout 17-16

Mimi fights back and closes down the lead to 3 points taking her total to 11 points. Betzabeth and Mimi both attack each other to set up an interesting end to the round. Mimi pips Betzabeth to win with a score of 17-16.

Bethzabeth wins first round 14-5

Betzabeth begins the bout by winning 4 points but Mimi counter-attacks. Betzabeth goes all-out attack and blitz Mimi to end the round with 5-14 lead

Second bout sees Mumbai's Betzabeth Angelica against Punjab's Mimi Hristova

Angelica for Mumbai and Hristova for Punjab will face off in the women's 57 Kg category. Mumbai lead 1-0 after the first bout

Intense second round sees Ibragim fight back and win the bout 7-9

At the end of a gripping round, starting with 2 points against Nitin as he manages to get rolled by his Russian counterpart with Ibragim completing a stunning comeback winning the bout 7-9 on point difference after trailing 0-3 in the first round.

Nitin ends the first round with a 3 point lead

Nitin bags the first point of the match with a caution for the Russian grappler Ilyasov and finishes the first round with a 3 point lead for the Punjab Royals man

First bout: Ibragim Ilyasov vs Nitin Rathi (57 Kg men's)

Mumbai Maharathi's Ibragim Ilyasov will grapple with NCR Punjab Royals Nitin Rathi will contest in the men's 57 Kg category in the first bout of the night

NCR Punjab Royals vs Mumbai Maharathi

Punjab Royals' captain Bajrang Punia wins the coin toss and blocks 125 Kg category while the Mumbai Maharathi's Vinesh Phogat decides to block 62 Kg category.

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