The 10th day of the 4th season of Pro Wrestling League 2019 sees the conclusion of the second leg of the competition. The fixture that brings down the curtains on this leg will be played between the Punjab Royals and MP Yodha at the Municipal Corporation Indoor Stadium in Ludhiana.

Punjab Royals has played 2 matches till this point and has won against Delhi Sultans while they lost out to Mumbai Maharathis. Dato Marsagishvili, Anju and Bajrang Punia have been vital for the Royals as they have won both of their bouts and would be looking to repeat their feats in this match too. Amit Dhankar has not lived up to the expectations as he lost out in his only bout.

MP Yodha who are playing in the competition for the first time have shone and has notched up 2 wins out of 3. Only table-toppers Haryana Hammers has been able to overturn the Yodhas until now with Pooja Dhanda, Haji Aliyev and Sandeep Tomar turning up immensely. Pooja Dhanda suffered a shock defeat to Hammers’Anastasia Nichita in the last match and will be much more focussed in this match to overcome any further setback.

Mimi Hristova (PR) vs Pooja Dhanda (MPY) and Bajrang Punia (PR) vs Haji Aliyev (MPY) are set to be closely fought and intriguing battles on the night which will be pivotal in deciding the course of the match.

Category MP Yodha Punjab Royals
53 Kg Female Ritu Phogat Anju
57 Kg Male Sandeep Tomar Nitin Rathi
57 Kg Female Pooja Dhanda Mimi Hristova
62 Kg Female Elise Manolova Anita
65 Kg Male Haji Aliyev Bajrang Punia
74 Kg Male Vasil Mikhailov Amit Dhankar
76 Kg Female Andrea Olaya Cynthia Vescan
86 Kg Male Deepak Dato Marsagishvili
125 Kg Male Akash Antil Korey Jarvis


Stay tuned for live updates from Punjab Royals vs MP Yodha match:


Anju wins the player of the match award

Anju wins the Player of the Match award for her amazing performance as she stunned Ritu Phogat en-route to an amazing win for the Punjab Royals.

Punjab Royals win the match 4-3

Punjab Royals take the match after Bajrang Punia edged out a hard fought win in the deciding bout against Haji Aliyev by a score of 8-6 points. Punjab wins the match by bout score of 4-3.

Bajrang wins the match for Punjab Royals

Haji hits back by taking down Bajrang to gain 2 points but Haji Aliyev is bleeding from the nose so the round is stopped for him to receive treatment. Bajrang gains 2 points after the restart but Haji again gains 2 points with a minute remaining. Haji is booked a point for indiscipline. Bajrang wins it for Punjab Royals with the tightest bout of the tournament.

Bajrang leads Haji by 3 points after 1st round

A very aggressive start to the round. Bajrang gains 3 points for throwing out Haji but Haji hits back and takes down Bajrang to gain 2 points. Bajrang finishes strongly with a 2-point move to lead 5-2 at the end of the round

65 Kg Male Category bout is up next

In another superstar clash, Bajrang Punia will face-off against Haji Aliyev in the 65 Kg men's category. Both the grapplers are unbeaten so far in the competition so the contest will be an interesting one. The bout will decide the fate of the match.

Pooja Dhanda brings MP Yodha level

A slowish start to this round after a fast end to the last round. Pooja gains a point and immediately gets 4 more points to lead by 5 points with a minute remaining. Pooja wins 2 more points to win the round with a score of 9-2

Mimi and Pooja are level after first round

Mimi draws 2 points after an exciting start to this bout. Pooja throws down Mimi to equalise right at the death so after the first round scores are level at 2-2.

57 Kg Female Category bout is up next

The "Giant-Killer" Pooja Dhanda will square up against Royals' Mimi Hristova in a blockbuster penultimate bout on the night with Punjab Royals leading 3-2 over the MP Yodha

Sandeep wins against Nitin

Sandeep extends his lead virtue of a takedown and Nitin gains a point and scores remains the same as the bout comes to an end. Sandeep wins 4-2 to take the score of the match to 3-2 after 5 bouts with Punjab winning currently.

Nitin trails Sandeep by 1 point

Both grapplers started aggressively but its Nitin who draws the first point of the game but Sandeep gains 2 points at the end of the round to finish with a lead by 2-1 points.

57 Kg Male Category bout is up next

Sandeep Tomar set to face Nitin Rathi in the men's 57 Kg category in the 5th bout of the night with Punjab Royals leading MP Yodha by 3-1 bouts

Manolova beats Anita to open the account for MP Yodha

A much more lively start to the 2nd round by the grapplers. Elise gains 2 points but Anita immediately hits back with 2 points but Manolova wins the bout by 3-2 to open MP Yodha's account for the night but they still trail 3-1.

Anita and Manolova involved in a low-scoring round

A slow start to the bout with no points in the first 2 minutes of the round but Elise wins the first point of the bout. Elise leads 1-0 after the 1st round of the 4th bout

62 Kg Female Category bout is up next

Anita will have to fight with Elise Manolova in the 62 Kg female's category in what could be a game-clinching bout for the Punjab Royals as they lead 3-0 with 4 bouts remaining

Jarvis slams Akash to win the bout

Jarvis begins aggressively and throws Akash down to gain 5 points to take his lead to 6.Jarvis wins the round and bout with a combined score of 6-0 and Punjab Royals take a 3-0 lead in the game

Jarvis edges Akash in the first round

A probing start by both the wrestlers but no points for either of them. A slow start but Korey Jarvis gains 1 point for a takedown to take the round with a 1-0 scoreline.

125 Kg Male Category bout is up next

In the heaviest weight category of Men's 125 Kg, Akash Antil will represent the MP Yodha against Punjab Royals' Korey Jarvis with Punjab Royals leading 2-0 after 2 bouts.

Ritu Phogat held by Anju as Punjab lead 2-0

A feisty contest between the two. Anju gains 3 points after a takedown. Ritu hits back to reduce Anju's lead to a point. Anju again pushes out Ritu to win the match by a score of 6-4

Ritu Phogat trails Anju by a point after 1st round

Ritu Phogat on the attack straightaway but its Anju scores the first points of the bout with a 2-point move. Ritu equalises with a takedown and is attacking continuously. Ritu is pushed out so Anju gains a point. Anju lead 3-2 at the end of first round of the bout.

53 Kg Female Category bout is up next

MP Yodha's Ritu Phogat will face Anju from Punjab Royals in the 53 Kg women's category in the 2nd bout of the night. Royals lead 1-0 after 1 bout.

53 Kg Female Category bout is up next

MP Yodha's Ritu Phogat will face Anju from Punjab Royals in the 53 Kg women's category in the 2nd bout of the night. Royals lead 1-0 after 1 bout.

Dato beats Deepak in the first bout

Dato defending in this round and he gains 2 points to take his lead to 10 points. Dato wins the bout 10-0 to give Punjab Royals an early lead in the match.

Deepak behind in the first round against Dato

Dato trips Deepak as he opens the account with 2 points. Dato is on the front foot and gains 6 points for rolling Deepak. Dato holds his lead to finish the round 8-0 with a round in the bout remaining.

86 Kg Male Category will be the first bout of the night

MP Yodha's Deepak will battle it out against Dato Marsagishvili in the 86 Kg men's category in the opening bout on the 10th day of the 4th season of PWL 2019.

Punjab Royals wins the toss and blocks 74 Kg men's category

Punjab Royals wins the coin toss and elects to block the men's 74 Kg category while their opponents MP Yodha block the 76 Kg women's category

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