The 4th season of the Pro Wrestling League 2019 has reached its final leg with Haryana Hammers and Mumbai Maharathi playing the first match of the final leg of the season at the Gautam Buddha University Indoor Stadium in Greater Noida after successful completion of the Ludhiana and Panchkula legs over the past 10 days. The 2 teams come into the match with contrasting fortunes, with Hammers notching up 3 successive wins while the Maharathi has suffered consecutive defeats after their opening day win.

Haryana Hammers will hope that Ali Shabanov, Anastasia Nichita, Ravi Kumar and Khotsianivski Aleksander will maintain their 100 per cent record this season and help Hammers to continue their run ahead of the semi-finals. Haryana Hammers has been unlucky as they have lost all the 3 finals in 3 previous seasons of PWL but this year they will look to lift the trophy that has been eluding them.

Mumbai Maharathi started off in fine fashion winning the opening match of the season but has tailed off since losing consecutive matches. Vinesh Phogat has been excellent again but the other wrestlers have blown hot and cold resulting in a lowly position on the points table and against an in-form Haryana team the task at hand is tough.

Category Haryana Hammers Mumbai Maharathi
53 Kg Female Seema Vinesh Phogat
57 Kg Female Anastasia Nichita Betzabeth Angelica
57 Kg Male Ravi Kumar Ibragim Ilyasov
62 Kg Female Tayana Omelchenko Shilpi Yadav
65 Kg Male Rajneesh Harphool
74 Kg Male Praveen Rana Sachin Rathi
76 Kg Female Kiran Zsanett Nemeth
86 Kg Male Ali Shabanov Deepak Punia
125 Kg Male Khotsianivski Aleksander Baitseev Vladisiav

Stay tuned for live updates from the Mumbai Maharathi vs Haryana Hammers match:


Harphool and Ravi Kumar jointly wins the Player of the Match award

Harphool and Ravi Kumar jointly wins the player of the match award on the night for their scintillating performances.

Ravi stages a strong comeback to win the final bout

Ravi is attacking strongly and reduces the deficit to a point. Ravi leads for the 1st time in the bout by 8-11 with a minute remaining. Ravi completes a stunning comeback to win the bout by 13-9 but Mumbai wins 4-3 on bouts won.

Ibragim leads Ravi in the final bout

Ibragim starts off at express speed and leads by 4 points after the 1st minute. Ravi hits back with a pin and 3 points but Ibragim has 8 points. Ravi performs admirably but trails 8-5 after 1st round

57 kg Men's category will be the last bout on the night

The final bout on the night will be in the 57 Kg men's category where Ravi Kumar(HH) will take on Ibragim Ilyasov (MM). Mumbai have already sealed the match as they lead 4-2

Vinesh wins the bout and the match for Mumbai

Vinesh takes 2 points for a brilliant move and a further 2 for a pin. Vinesh closes out the round with 2 points and a final score of 12-2. Mumbai win the match with a score of 4-2 on bouts won after 6 bouts.

Vinesh leading in the 6th bout

Vinesh setting the pace with a 2 point move. Vinesh converts another 2 points but there is a challenge which sees awarding of 2 points for both of them and the round ends with a score of 6-2 in favour of Vinesh

53 kg Women's category is up next

The superstar clash on the night sees Vinesh Phogat who will be aiming to close the game for her team as she goes up against Seema. Mumbai lead 3-2 after 5 bouts.

Vladislav comes back to beat Aleksander

Vladislav gains 2 points to take the lead followed by another 2 points for him. Vladislav dominating now with a 5 point lead to turn around the bout and wins 6-2 to take Mumbai ahead

Aleksander narrowly up against Vladislav

Both the wrestlers gauging each other in the early stage of the 1st round. Aleksander gains the 1st point in the round and wins the round by virtue of that point.

Heavyweight 125 kg Men's category is up next

Khotsianivski Aleksander and Baitseev Vladislav will face off in the heaviest weight category in the 5th bout of the night with scores level on 2-2.

Kiran beaten by Zseneth

A ferocious start to the 2nd round as both grapplers attack each other but no points to show for any of the 2. Zseneth gains 4 points inside the final minute to win the match by a score of 6-4.

Kiran stuns Zseneth to take 1st round

Nemeth draws first blood in the round but Kiran hits back immediately to level the scores. Kiran comes from behind as she throws Nemeth out of the ring to win the round 4-2.

76 kg Women's category is up next

The 4th bout will be in the women's 76 Kg category. Zseneth Nemeth will face Kiran to bring Mumbai back level after Haryana lead 2-1 on bouts won

Spirited Deepak Punia falls short against Ali Shabanov

A cautious start by the wrestlers with Ali focussing on defence to preserve his lead. Deepak takes a point to bring the deficit to 1 point. Ali sneaks a win after a spirited performance by Deepak Punia by a score of 4-3.

Ali leads after 1st round

Ali opens the scoring with 4 point move. Deepak wins 2 points via a challenge and reduces the deficit but Ali takes the round by a score of 4-2

86 kg Men's category is up next

Deepak Punia will be facing Ali Shabanov in the Men's 86 Kg category in the 3rd bout as both the teams are level 1-1 on bouts won.

Tatyana win by technical superiority to take Haryana level

Tatyana starts strong again as she extends lead to 10 points. She gains another 2 points for another takedown. Tatyana Omelchenko wins the match by technical superiority by a score of 16-0. Scores level 1-1 after 2 bouts

Tatyana dominates Shilpi in the first round

Tatyana completes a takedown to open the scoring with 2 points which she extends to 4 points. Tatyana dominating the proceedings as she gains an 8-0 lead to end the round in a strong position.

62 kg Women's category is up next

Tatyana Omelchenko (HH) will face Shilpi Yadav(MM) in the women's 62 Kg category in the 2nd bout of the night as Mumbai lead 1-0 after the 1st bout.

Harphool wins opening bout for Mumbai

Harphool extends his lead to 3 points for rolling Rajneesh. Harphool gains 2 points but Rajneesh hits back to reduce the lead. Harphool takes the round with a score of 5-2 and Mumbai lead 1-0.

Harphool ahead after 1st round

A quick start by both the grapplers but no points in the first half of the first round. Harphool takes a narrow lead of 1 point and finishes the round 1-0 ahead

65 kg Men's category is up first on the night

Harphool(MM) will take on Rajneesh(HH) in the men's 65 Kg category in the first bout of the night as both grapplers will look to secure an early lead for their teams.

Mumbai Maharathi wins the toss and blocks men's 74 kg category

Mumbai Maharathi has won the coin toss and has blocked the 74 Kg men's category while their opponents Haryana Hammers have decided to freeze out the 57 Kg women's category

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