MP Yodha’s debut campaign in the Pro Wrestling League has been a mixed bag with 2 wins and 2 losses but a win in their final league game against UP Dangal would ensure that they will participate in the semi-finals which begin from Tuesday.

UP Dangal, too, have had a torrid time with 2 losses in 3 games but with 2 games remaining they could yet end up at a solid position at the end of the league phase. Navjot Kaur, Pankaj Rana, Jitendra and Epp Mae will be crucial to the Dangal’s chances in this match but they have not been in the best of form of late.

MP Yodha will be relying on superstars Pooja Dhanda, Haji Aliyev, Ritu Phogat among others to make sure that they finish the group stage on a high and with momentum on their side. Haji Aliyev and Pooja Dhanda have lost only 1 bout each in the tournament and will start this match as strong favourites in their respective weight categories. After consecutive losses, though, their confidence will be shaken but they have the capability to turn things around.

The bouts to watch out for include the battle between Sarita and Pooja Dhanda (57 Kg women’s), Navjot Kaur vs Elise Manolova (62 Kg women’s) and Pankaj Rana vs Haji Aliyev (65 Kg men’s).

Category UP Dangal MP Yodha
53 Kg Women’s Vanesa Kaladzinskaya Ritu Phogat
57 Kg Women’s Sarita Pooja Dhanda
57 Kg Men’s Naveen Sandeep Tomar
62 Kg Women’s Navjot Kaur Elise Manolova
65 Kg Men’s Pankaj Rana Haji Aliyev
74 Kg Men’s Jitendra Vasil Mikhailov
76 Kg Women’s Epp Mae Andrea Olaya
86 Kg Men’s Irakli Misituri Deepak
125 Kg Women’s Giorgi Sakandelidze Akash Antil

Here are the highlights  from the UP Dangal vs MP Yodha match:


Sarita wins the Player of the Match award

Sarita wins the Player of the Match award for a superb performance against Pooja Dhanda in the 57Kg women's category.

Jitender completes MP Yodha's rout

Vasil comes out aggressive in the 2nd period and wins 2 points but Jitender picks himself up and gains 4 points and wins the bout and with that UP Dangal win by a score of 5-2 on bouts won.

Jitender lead Vasil in the final bout

Both grapplers are gauging each other's moves with Jitender getting a point to start the scoring and another 2 points give him the advantage going into the 2nd round by a score of 3-0

Men's 74 Kg category is the last bout of the night

Jitendra goes up against Vasil Mikhailov in the men's 74 Kg category in the final bout of the night with UP Dangal already sealing the match courtesy of Sarita's victory over Pooja Dhanda.

Sarita shuns Pooja Dhanda to win the match for UP

Another slow start to this round as well but Pooja comes back with a 3 point move and another point for caution. Sarita pushes out Pooja to take 2 points and also a chance for another 2 points which is challenged and after review Sarita takes the lead with 30 seconds remaining. Sarita wins the bout by a score of 6-5 and secures victory for UP Dangal.

Sarita ahead slightly after 1st round

Slowish start with no points in the 2 minutes of the 1st round. Sarita takes a point into the 2nd round with all to play for in the bout.

Women's 57 Kg category is up next

The blockbuster clash on Day 12 sees Pooja Dhanda go head-to-head against Sarita in the 57 Kg category in the penultimate bout of the night. UP lead 3-2 with 2 bouts remaining

Giorgi puts UP in the lead

Giorgi building strongly on his lead with 12-1 lead with a minute remaining. Giorgi wins by technical superiority by a score of 16-1. UP lead 3-2 after 5 bouts

Giorgi holds slim lead over Akash

A slow and steady start by both but Giorgi takes a lead with 2 points against Akash's 1 point. Giorgi finishes the round with a 3-1 lead

Men's 125 Kg category is up next

In the heavyweight 125 Kg men's category, Akash Antil will battle Giorgi Sakandelidze in the 5th bout of the night as scores are level 2-2.

Ritu disappoints again as UP level match

Ritu starts the round with 2 points for a takedown but still trails by 5 points with a minute of the round remaining after Vanesa completes 2 more points. Vanesa takes the round 8-3 and the match is again level.

Ritu Phogat trailing to Vanesa

Vanesa begins the round with a pushout to open the scoring and takes lead to 2 points. Vanesa tightening her grip with another 2 points and wins the round with a score of 6-0.

Women's 53 Kg category is up next

Ritu Phogat will lock horns with Vanesa in the women's 53 Kg category in the 4th bout of the night as MP Yodha leads 2-1 courtesy of Haji Aliyev and Sandeep's wins.

Sandeep wins the bout for MP Yodha

Rahul coming out in a strong fashion and opens his account with a point. Sandeep also scores a point with a minute of the round remaining. Sandeep extends his lead to 4 points to win the bout by a score of 5-1.

Sandeep leads Rahul in 3rd bout

Sandeep attacking and wins 2 points with Rahul struggling to break down Sandeep and a low scoring round ends 2-0 in Sandeep's favour

Men's 57 Kg category is up next

Sandeep Tomar will represent Haryana Hammers in the 57 Kg men's category where he will face Rahul from UP Dangal in the 3rd bout of the night. Both teams have won 1 bout each so far.

Epp Mae pins Andrea to win the bout

A strong start by Mae with 4 points and immediately pins Andrea to win the bout inside 27 seconds. Scores level 1-1 on bouts won.

Women's 76 Kg category is up next

Estonian Epp Mae will face the challenge of Andrea Olaya in the 76 Kg women's category in the 2nd bout of the day. MP Yodha lead 1-0 on bouts won with 6 bouts remaining

Haji wins to help MP lead after 1st bout

Haji defending his lead expertly and pounces on an opportunity to score another 2 points. Haji adding to his tally with 2 points and with finishes the bout via technical superiority and a score of 18-2.

Haji leads Pankaj by 10 points after 1st round

Pankaj throws down Haji to score the first points of the match and bout. Haji hits back strongly and scores a 4 point lead and Haji finishes the round very strongly twisting and turning Pankaj and with a 10 point lead with a score of 12-2.

Men's 65 Kg category will be first bout of the night

Pankaj Rana will face an uphill task as he faces favourite Haji Aliyev in the highly competitive men's 65 Kg category in the 1st bout of the night. Both wrestlers will look to give their teams a good start in the match.

MP Yodha wins the toss and blocks men's 86 Kg category

MP Yodha wins the coin toss and has decided to block the 86 Kg men's category while the UP Dangal has frozen out the 62 Kg women's category.

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