Haryana Hammers face off against Punjab Royals in a top-of-the-table clash knowing that a win will guarantee top spot in the league table. The Gautam Buddha University Indoor Stadium in Greater Noida has seen some gripping encounters over the past couple of days and this match is expected to follow that trend.

Punjab Royals has picked up some form over the past couple of matches after their opening day defeat. Bajrang Punia, Dato Marsagiashvili and Korey Jarvis have been consistent winners and Royals will be hoping for a similar performance from them to guide them to another win. Indian women wrestlers Anju and Anita, though, has been disappointing so far and a significant improvement will be needed to register wins in their category.

Haryana Hammers have had a solid season so far with 3 wins and a loss. The loss against Mumbai Maharathi was their first of the season after a run of 3 victories. Ali Shabanov, Anastasia Nichita and Ravi Kumar has been the star performers for the Hammers and would lead their charge in their last group stage fixture.

The bouts to watch out for include Ali Shabanov vs Dato Marsagishvili, Korey Jarvis vs Khotsianivski Aleksander, Bajrang Punia vs Rajneesh.

Category Haryana Hammers Punjab Royals
53 Kg Women’s Seema  Anju
57 Kg Women’s Anastasia Nichita Mimi Hristova
57 Kg Men’s Ravi Kumar Nitin Rathi
62 Kg Women’s Tayana Omelchenko Anita
65 Kg Men’s Rajneesh Bajrang Punia
74 Kg Men’s Praveen Rana Amit Dhankar
76 Kg Women’s Kiran Cynthia Vescan
86 Kg Men’s Ali Shabanov Dato Marsagishvili
125 Kg Men’s Khotsianivski Aleksander Korey Jarvis

Here is the highlights from the Punjab Royals vs Haryana Hammers match:


Dato Marsagishvili wins the Player of the match award

Dato Marsagishvili wins the Player of the Match award for a superb show against Ali Shabanov in the men's 86 Kg category.

Punjab Royals beat Haryana Hammers

Punjab Royals has beaten Haryana Hammers on Day 13 of PWL 4 courtesy of a 4-3 score on bouts won and go level on points with the Hammers.

Amit wins the match for Punjab Royals

Both grapplers are reluctant to attack with no points in the first 2 minutes. Amit sees an opportunity and attacks Parveen to win 2 points in the final minute. Amit wins the match with a 4-2 score in this final bout.

Amit, Parveen level with final round remaining

A quick and aggressive start by both as Amit wins 2 points but Parveen eats up the lead with a good move late on in the round. The round finishes level on 2-2 with the match going to the final round of the final bout

Men's 74 Kg category to be the final bout of the night

Parveen Rana will battle Amit Dhankar in another blockbuster bout in the men's 74 Kg category in the 7th and final bout of the night with the match on the line as both teams are level 3-3 going into this bout.

Seema forces the match to a decider

Seema produces brilliant moves to take 4 points and follows it up with another 2 points. Seema wins the round and hence the bout with a score of 8-2 to set up a decider in the last bout of the night.

Anju and Seema level going in to the 2nd round

Seema gains 2 points after a slow start to the round in the 6th bout. Anju hits back to level the scores before the round ends. Bout tied at 2-2 with the 2nd round remaining.

Women's 53 Kg category is up next

Seema will face Anju in the Women's 53 Kg category in the penultimate bout of the night as Punjab Royals lead 3-2 with 2 bouts remaining on the night.

Dato comes from behind to beat Ali

Ali turning it on in the 2nd round and is ahead with a 2 point move. Dato comes out with some brilliant moves to score 5 points and finish the match with a score of 7-4 to give Punjab the lead

Ali and Dato level after 1st round

Dato scores 2 points to open the scoring after a probing start by both wrestlers. Ali hits back with 2 points to level the round in the dying seconds. The round finishes 2-2.

Men's 86 Kg category is up next

Ali Shabanov will face off against Dato Marsagishvili in an exciting encounter in the men's 86 category in the 5th bout of the night as scores are level2-2

Anastasia blows Mimi away

Anastasia continuing her momentum from the last round with 6 swift points within the first minute of the 2nd round. Anastasia wins the round and brings Hammers level via a 13-0 score.

Anastasia ahead against Mimi

Mimi and Anastasia both are looking for an attack but both are defending well. Anastasia manages to gain a point and ends the round strongly with an astounding 7 point lead after a slow start.

Women's 57 Kg category is up next

Anastasia Nichita will have to battle with Mimi Hristova in the Women's 57 Kg category in the 4th bout of the night. Punjab Royals lead after Bajrang's win over Rajneesh

Bajrang negotiates Rajneesh with ease

Rajneesh hits back with a 2 point move at the start of the 2nd round. Bajrang bounces back with 2 points. Another 2 points for Bajrang with a minute to go. Bajrang wins the bout by 6-2 and Punjab lead 2-1 with 4 bouts to go.

Bajrang leads Rajneesh after 1st round

Bajrang leads with a 2 point move after a fast start and Rajneesh looks to be on the back foot. Bajrang finishes the round with a 2 point lead.

Men's 65 Kg category is up next

Rajneesh will face Bajrang Punia in a fascinating superstar match-up in the 65 Kg men's category in the 3rd bout of the night. Scores are level 1-1 with 5 bouts remaining

Cynthia equalises for Punjab Royals

Kiran takes the initiative and takes 2 points to reduce the deficit to 2 points. Cynthia holding on to the lead but Kiran gains a point. The bout ends in Cynthia Vescan's favour by a narrow margin of 4-3.

Kiran trail against Cyntthia

Cynthia draws first blood with a 2 point roll on Kiran who could not gain any points but Cynthia takes further 2 points. Cynthia tries to pin Kiran but is unsuccessful and finishes the round with a 4-0 lead

Women's 76 Kg category is up next

Cynthia Vescan will face-off against Kiran in the Women's 76 Kg category in the 2nd bout of the night. Hammers lead the Royals 1-0 on bouts won with 6 bouts remaining.

Ravi defeats Nitin to take the lead for Hammers

A probing start to the round but Ravi extends his lead after a good 2 point move. Ravi is now dominating with a comfortable 5 point lead and a minute remaining. Ravi comfortably beats Nitin with a final score of 9-2.

Ravi leads Nitin after 1st round

Nitin gains the first points of the match as both wrestlers look to set some pace in the bout. Ravi hits back and gains 3 points to take the lead with a score of 3-2 at the completion of the 1st round.

Men's 57 Kg category will have the first bout of the night

Ravi Kumar will come face-to-face with Nitin Rathi in an exciting bout in the men's 57 Kg category with both grapplers looking to start the match on a positive note.

Punjab Royals wins the toss and blocks 62 Kg women's category

Punjab Royals has won the coin toss and has decided to leave out the 62 Kg women's category and their opponents on the night Haryana Hammers have frozen out the 125 Kg men's category

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