On the day 14 of Pro Wrestling League, Delhi Sultans will battle it out against Mumbai Maharathi in order to bag victory and level up their position on the league points table while on the other hand Mumbai Maharathi’s will be looking forward to snatching a victory and finalise their place in the semifinals. Maharathi is in fine form lately having thrashed Haryana Hammers in their last outing.

Mumbai starts favourite in this tie, a tough contest is expected in the men’s 86kg and women’s 57 and 76 kg categories. In the men’s 86kg category Delhi Sultans’ Praveen will lock horns with Deepak Punia of Mumbai who have caused quite a few upsets this season. It is an excellent opportunity for Deepak to settle some old scores with Praveen who defeated the former during the national championships last year.

Mumbai’s Betzabeth Angelica takes on Katherina Zhydachivska of Delhi in the women’s 57kg category. Both Katherina and Betzabeth had made it to the medal rounds of the world championships and Rio Olympics respectively. However, both of them are a little low on self-esteem at the moment having lost to Indian wrestlers in earlier bouts this season.

Category Mumbai Maharathi Delhi Sultans
53 Kg Women’s Vinesh Phogat Pinki
57 Kg Women’s Betzabeth Angelica Katherina Zhydachivska
57 Kg Men’s Ibragim Ilyasov Pankaj
62 Kg Women’s Shilpi Yadav Sakshi Malik
65 Kg Men’s Harphool Kwiatkowski Andrey
74 Kg Men’s Sachin Rathi Khetik Tsabolov
76 K g Women’s Zsanett Nemeth Shustovo Anastasia
86 Kg Men’s Deepak Punia Praveen
125 Kg Women’s Baitseev Vladislav Satender Malik

Here are the highlights  from the Mumbai Maharathi vs Delhi Sultans:


wins the Player of the Match award

Anastasia Shustova wins the Player of the match award for a superb performance against Zseneth Nemeth.

Andrey finishes the match for Delhi

Great start for Andrey who notches up 4 points to take the lead with a minute remaining in the match and bout. Harphool pushes out Andrey to reduce the lead to 2 points. Andrey wins the bout by a score of 4-2. Delhi Sultans wins the match 5-2 on bouts won.

Harphool holds a narrow lead

A slow start to the bout as Andrey receives treatment for a cut on his head. Both the wrestlers are getting physical and Harphool scores the first point of the bout. The round ends 1-0 for Harphool.

Last bout of the night in men's 65 Kg category

Harphool will face Kwiatkowski Andrey in the final bout of the night in the Men's 65 Kg category as Delhi lead 4-2 ahead of this final bout

Vinesh Phogat wins a nail-biter against Pinki

Vinesh takes the lead early on with a 2 point move and follows it up with another 4 points but Pinki who was close to pinning Vinesh but only manages to win 4 points to harbour some hope of a comeback. Pinki equalises in the closing seconds but after reviews, Vinesh is adjudged the winner by a score of 14-9.

Vinesh held by Pinki

Pinki attacking intently to win 3 points while Vinesh has 2 points early on in the 1st round. 2 points for Vinesh after a good move. 2 points for both the grapplers as the 1st round culminates with a level score of 5-5.

Next up is Women's 53 Kg category

The superstar Vinesh Phogat will go up against Pinki from Delhi Sultans in the second-last bout of the night as Delhi lead 4-1 on bouts won.

Deepak Punia thumps Praveen

Deepak finishes the bout comprehensively by technical superiority by a score of 18-2 within the 1st minute of the 2nd round to bring the match score to 4-1 after 5 bouts

Deepak Punia leads Praveen

Deepak Punia opens the scoring with 2 points after which both the grapplers are awarded 2 points each with a minute remaining in the round. Deepak extends his lead to end the round ahead by 6-2.

Next up is the Kg category

Deepak Punia will have to compete with Praveen in the 86 Kg men's category in the 5th bout of the night. Delhi has taken an unassailable 4-0 lead with 3 bouts remaining.

Sakshi wins the match for Delhi Sultans with 3 bouts remaining

Sakshi Malik starts off again with 2 points but Shilpi registers her first points of the bout. Sakshi extends her lead to 10 points with a minute remaining. Sakshi has 2 more points as the round ends 16-2 and Delhi secure the match.

Sakshi dominates Shilpi as Delhi inch closer to victory

Sakshi Malik starts as a favourite and she begins in that way winning 2 points. Sakshi strengthens her position with 2 more points. Sakshi wins 2 more points as the round ends 6-0.

Next bout is in the 62 Kg women's category

Sakshi Malik will face Shilpi in the 62 Kg women's category as Delhi look to seal the match after taking a 3-0 lead with 4 bouts remaining.

Pankaj stuns Ibragim to win the bout

Ibragim stunningly pouches 3 points but Pankaj hits back to level the scores. Pankaj coming on strongly and takes 4 points while Ibragims gets 1 point. Pankaj wins the bout 11-8 and extends Delhi's lead to 3-0.

Pankaj holding on against Ibragim

Ibragim scores first but Pankaj hits back immediately with a 4 point move after which Ibragim is given another 2 points to take the score to 4-3 with 30 seconds remaining. Pankaj takes the round 4-3.

Men's 57 Kg category up next

Ibragim Ilyasov will face Pankaj in the men's 57 Kg category in what will be the 3rd bout of the night as Delhi lead Mumbai 2-0 with 5 bouts remaining.

A brilliant comeback by Anastasia extends Delhi's lead

Zseneth starts off strongly with 4 points to extend her lead after which Zseneth required some treatment. Anastasia performs some extraordinary moves to increase her points tally to 8 points to move into the lead. Anastasia growing into the game and wins 2 more points. Anastasia brilliantly beats Zseneth by a score of 10-5.

Zseneth ahead by the narrowest of margins

Both the wrestlers are trying to break each other's defence. Zseneth wins a point for a push out and an uneventful round ends 1-0 in Zseneth's favour

Women's 76 kg category up next

Zsanett Nemeth takes on Shustovo Anastasia in the 2nd bout of the night after Khetik's win gave Delhi the lead in the match with 6 bouts remaining.

Khetik wins the opening bout

Khetik starts positively to wrap up a 4 point move in the first minute. Rathi quickly counter-attacks via a 2-point move. Khetik responds with a 2 point move of his own and wins the bout by a score of 9-2

Khetik holds a slender lead after 1st round

A slow start to the first round with no points scored in the first 2 minutes but Khetik takes a point for Rathi's passivity in the final minute. The round finishes 1-0 in Khetik's favour.

Men's 74 Kg category is up first

Delhi's skipper Khetik Tsabalov will take on Mumbai's Sachin Rathi in the men's 74 kg category in the 1st bout of the night as both teams chase a win to get them closer to the semi-finals.

Delhi Sultans wins the toss and blocks 125 Kg category

Delhi Sultans wins the coin toss and has decided to block 125 Kg men's category as their opponents Mumbai Maharathi choose the 57 Kg women's category in the penultimate match of the group stages in PWL Season 4.

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