The semi-finals of the 4th season of the Pro Wrestling League will begin from today at the Gautam Buddha University Indoor Stadium in Greater Noida. The 1st semi-final will be played between the 2-time defending champion Punjab Royals and UP Dangal while the 2nd semi-final will pit Haryana Hammers against Delhi Sultans.

Punjab Royals hold a psychological edge over UP Dangal as they beat them yesterday by a score of 4-3 and will be aware of any potential chink in their armour and will be looking to exploit it fully. Bajrang Punia who has been dominant till this point will be looking to inspire his team over the finish line. With all the 9 categories set to be involved in this match, an intense battle is expected.

UP Dangal held on by the skin of their teeth to qualify for the semis. UP Dangal were so close to elimination as only a win or a 4-3 loss would have meant that they progress into the semis and were down by 4-2 before Jitender’s eventual victory sent them through. They will know that a better performance is required if they have to get past an in-form Punjab Royal’s squad and reach the final.

The bouts to watch out for will include Pankaj Rana vs Bajrang Punia, Irakli Misituri vs Dato Marsagishvili, Navjot Kaur vs Anita among other bouts. Punjab Royals will start as the obvious favourites but as seen in the Pro Wrestling League an upset by the UP Dangal should not be ruled out completely.

Category UP Dangal Punjab Royals
53 Kg Women’s Vanesa Kaladzinskaya Anju
57 Kg Men’s Amit Kumar Nitin Rathi
57 Kg Women’s Sarita Mimi Hristova
62 Kg Women’s Navjot Kaur Anita
65 Kg Men’s Pankaj Rana Bajrang Punia
74 Kg Men’s Jitender Amit Dhankar
76 Kg Women’s Epp Mae Cynthia Vescan
86 Kg Men’s Irakli Misituri Dato Marsagishvili
125 Kg Men’s Giorgi Sakandelidze Korey Jarvis

Here are the highlights from Punjab Royals vs UP Dangal match:


Mimi Hristova wins the Player of the match award

Mimi Hristova wins the Player of the match for a superb performance in the 57 Kg women's category against Sarita which sealed the finals berth for Punjab Royals.

Jitender wins the final bout of the night

Amit looks to attack trying to force a comeback but Jitender gains a point and is defending his lead expertly. Jitender wins the bout by a score of 5-0 to salvage some pride for the UP Dangal. Punjab Royals win the match by 5-4 on bouts won.

Jitender leads Amit in the final bout

Both the wrestlers are trying to break each other's defence. Jitender gets a point to begin the scoring in this bout. Jitender extends his lead to 2 points as the 1st round ends in this final bout.

Men's 74 Kg category is up next

Amit Dhankar will face Jitender in the final bout of the night with the victory and a finals berth already secured for the Punjab Royals. Amit was beaten by Jitender which set up this encounter for the UP Dangal

Mimi seals the victory for Punjab Royals

Sarita gains a further point to increase her lead to 2 points but Mimi is looking to counter-attack. Mimi equalises for Punjab through a good move. Mimi is awarded 2 points right at the end but that verdict is challenged and the decision goes into the favour of Mimi and she wins the round by a score of 6-2 and wins the match for Punjab Royals who have an unassailable lead of 5-3 with the final bout to go.

Sarita narrowly leads Mimi

A rough and fiery start but no points to show for it for any of the 2 grapplers. A narrow 1 point lead for Sarita and she will carry it till the end of the round. Sarita ahead by 1 point with the 2nd round of this 8th bout to go.

Women's 57 Kg category is up next

Mimi Hristova will square up against Sarita in the penultimate bout of the night. Mimi has a chance to wrap up the match for Punjab Royals with a victory while Sarita will try to get the match into a decider.

Nitin Rathi reclaims Punjab's lead

Nitin Rathi acrobatically throws out Amit to equalise in the bout to set up a nervy and exciting finish to this bout. Nitin wins the bout courtesy of the last point won in a 2-2 draw in this bout. Punjab reclaims their lead by a score of 4-3.

Amit Kumar ahead against Nitin

No points in the 1st 2 minutes of the round but Amit takes a 1 point lead which he extends to 2 in the final minute to finish the round with a 2-0 advantage.

Men's 57 Kg category is up next

Amit Kumar will face-off Nitin Rathi in the men's 57 Kg category in the 7th bout of the night. The match is delicately poised at 3-3 with just 3 bouts to go in this 1st semi-final.

A dull round as both wrestlers are content with defending. Epp scores another point to win the round with a score of 2-0 and UP Dangal has equalised in the match. 3-3 after 6 bouts with 3 more bouts to go

Epp Mae ahead against Cynthia

A slowish start to the round as both wrestlers are reluctant to attack all out. Epp Mae receives a point for the passivity of the opponent and that is what separates the wrestlers at the end of the round

Women's 76 Kg category is up next

Estonian Epp Mae will face off French Cynthia Vescan in the Women's 76 Kg category in the 6th bout of the night as Punjab leads 3-2 after 5 bouts

Georgi comes from behind to win the bout

Georgi now receives a point for Korey's passivity. Georgi wins another point and wins the round to bring UP Dangal close. Georgi wins the round 2-1. Punjab still leads 3-2 with 4 bouts remaining.

Korey Jarvis ahead by a slender margin against Georgi

Jarvis wins a solitary point in the last minute for passivity from the opponent and that is the only point in the round. Korey has an advantage going into the 2nd round of this 5th bout.

Men's 125 Kg category is up next

The heaviest weight category will see a battle between Punjab's Korey Jarvis and UP's Georgi. Georgi was able to get the better of Korey yesterday and Korey will be eager for revenge. Punjab have a solid 3-1 lead with 5 bouts remaining.

Anita wins as Navjot goes out injured

Navjot extends her lead to 4 points. Anita performs the alligator roll to equalise in a flash. Navjot looks to be in trouble as she hurts her ankle and is carried off as Anita wins the bout with a comfortable 8-4 win. Punjab's lead is extended to 3-1.

Navjot leading Anita after 1st round

Navjot starts off strongly gaining 2 points in the process inside the 1st 30 seconds of the round. Those points remain the only scoring highlights of the round which ends 2-0 in Navjot's favour.

Women's 62 Kg category is up next

Anita will look to repeat her demolition of the experienced Navjot Kaur as they square off in the 4th bout of the night. Punjab in the lead on the night by 2-1

Pankaj comes to the party in the 2nd round and starts off with a 2 point move. Bajrang wins a point to extend his lead to 2 points with a minute remaining. Bajrang finishes the round with a 2-point move and wins the bout by a score of 6-2. Punjab lead 2-1 after 3 bouts.

Bajrang comfortable against Pankaj

A riveting start as both wrestlers are gauging each other's moves. Bajrang gains the first 2 points of the bout in the final minute of the round. Bajrang finishes the round with a 3-0 lead to his name.

Men's 65 Kg category is up next

Padma Shri Bajrang Punia will take to the mat to battle it out against Pankaj Rana who he battered last night and will be looking to give his team the lead in the 3rd bout of the 1st semi-final in PWL 4.

Vanesa thrashes Anju to level the match

A pushout by Vanesa pouches her 4 points to take her lead to 11 points with 2 minutes remaining in the bout. Anju wins 2 points after which Anju tries to make a comeback but can only gain 2 points while Vanesa takes control of the bout and wins with a score of 19-6. Punjab and UP have 1 win each with 7 bouts remaining on the night.

Anju trails to Vanesa after 1st round

A stunning 6 point move for Vanesa after which a timeout as she receives treatment for a cut on her face inside the 1st minute of the round. 2 points as Anju opens her account but Vanesa scores 2 points too. Vanesa gains another point to finish the round with a score of 9-2.

Women's 53 Kg category is up next

Anju will face Vanesa in the lightest weight category of 53 Kg women's in the 2nd bout of the night as Punjab take an early 1-0 lead courtesy Dato's win in the 1st bout.

Dato wins the 1st bout for Punjab

Dato extends his lead in the early moments of 2nd round by a 2 point move. Misituri reduces the lead to 2 points in the dying seconds but Dato wins the round by a score of 4-2. Punjab lead 1-0 after the 1st round

Dato leads Misituri by 2 points

Dato attacking and gains the first 2 points of the night for a takedown which results in him leading the bout after the 1st round by a score of 2-0.

Men's 86 Kg category is the first bout of the night

Punjab's Dato will look to beat UP's Misituri twice in 2 days in the 1st bout of the 1st semi-final as both teams start off a tough battle

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