Punjab Royals have secured a passage into the final of the PWL Season 4 and will learn about their opponents as the 2nd semi-final gets underway at the Gautam Buddha University Indoor Stadium. Delhi Sultans will entertain the Haryana Hammers as both the sides will be looking for their first title.

Delhi Sultans had a topsy-turvy season having won only 2 of the 5 games and didn’t manage to win 2 successive matches over the course of the season. Sakshi Malik, Khetik Tsabalov have performed admirably for the Sultans and will be the vital cogs in the Delhi machine.

Haryana Hammers came in 2nd position on the league table having notched up 3 wins out of 5 matches but 2 losses in their last 2 matches would have dented their confidence coming into this semi-final. Anastasia Nichita and Ravi Kumar have been revelations for the Hammers and will be important in determining the result of the match.

Category Haryana Hammers Delhi  Sultans
Women  53 Kg Seema Pinki
Men  57 Kg Anastasia Nichita Katherina Zhydachivska
Women  57 Kg Ravi Kumar Pankaj
Women 62 Kg Tayana Omelchenko Sakshi Malik
Men 65 Kg Rajneesh Kwiatkowski Andrey
Men 74 Kg Praveen Rana Khetik Tsabolov
Women 76 Kg Kiran Shustovo Anastasia
Men 86 Kg Ali Shabanov Sanjeet Kundu
Men 125 Kg Khotsianivski Aleksander Satender Malik

Here are the highlights  from the Delhi Sultans vs Haryana Hammers match:


Kiran wins the Player of the match

Kiran wins the Player of the match award for a superb victory over Anastasia Shustova in the women's 76 Kg category.

Ali wraps up comprehensive victory for Hammers

Ali tightening his grip as he completes a 2 point move followed by 2 more points to take his lead his lead to 5 points. Ali Shabanov wins the final bout by a score of 5-0 and Haryana Hammers take the match 6-3 on bouts won

Ali leading newcomer Sanjeet in the final bout

Sanjeet who is playing his first match of the tournament faces an uphill task against Ali but he is handling it well. Ali takes a 1 point lead and carries it to the end of the round to take a 1-0 lead in this bout going into 2nd round.

Men's 86 Kg category to be the last bout

Ali Shabanov will face Sanjeet Kundu in the final bout of the night as Haryana Hammers lead 5-3 after 8 bouts

Sakshi finishes with a win

Sakshi extends her lead to 4 points but Tatyana hits back with 2 points and sets-up a nervy finish. Sakshi calms the situation with 2 points and wins the bout with a final score of 6-2. Haryana's lead is reduced to 5-3.

Sakshi Malik leads narrowly

Sakshi Malik is looking off-colour as she attempts to save some grace for her team. Sakshi ends the round with a slender 1-0 lead as we enter the 2nd round of this bout

Women's 62 kg category up next

Sakshi Malik will face Tatyana Omelchenko in the penultimate bout of the night. The result of this bout will have no bearing on the result as Haryana have already sealed the match taking an unassailable 5-2 lead.

Rajneesh wins the match for Haryana Hammers

Rajneesh begins fiercely to extend his lead to 3 points. Rajneesh in form as he is twisting and turning Aleksander with ease to lead by 7 points. 2 points more for Rajneesh as he wins the bout by 9-3 and secures the match for Haryana by a 5-2 score in the match

Rajneesh ahead by a slight margin

Following the pattern of most bouts, no points in the early moments of the round. Rajneesh has a narrow 1 point lead at the end of an uneventful first round.

Men's 65 Kg category is up next

Rajneesh will take on Kwiatkowski Andrey as he tries to win the match for the Hammers in this 7th bout of the night. Just 3 bouts remaining in the 2nd semi-final.

Pinki salvages the bout for Delhi

Pinki equalises as she gains a point which prompts Seema to attack to restore the lead. Pinki takes the lead with a 2-point move and wins the bout by a score of 3-1 to bring the match score to 4-2 in Haryana's favour.

Seema on the verge of winning the match for Haryana

Both the wrestlers are trying to score but no one is successful in the 1st 2 minutes of the round. Seema leads by a point and that is what separates the wrestlers after the round.

Women's 53 Kg category is up next

Pinki will face Seema knowing that a loss in this bout will hand the victory to Haryana Hammers as the 6 bout of the night begins with Haryana in lead by 4-1

Aleksander blitzes past Satender to bring Haryana on the verge of victory

Khotsianivski Aleksander rushes out and finishes the match within 50 seconds scoring 16 points for consecutive rolls and wins courtesy of technical superiority to bring Haryana's lead at 4-1.

Men's 125 Kg category up next

Khotsianivski Aleksander will take on Satender Malik in the heaviest weight category in the 5th bout as Haryana lead strongly by 3-1

Anastasia Nichita strengthens Haryana's position

Anastasia begins round strongly as she rolls Vanesa to race to 9 points within the 1st minute of 2nd round. Anastasia gains 2 more points. Anastasia wins the bout 11-2 to extend Haryana's lead to 3-1 after 4 bouts

Anastasia leading Vanesa in the 4th bout

Anastasia begins the scoring for Haryana but Vanesa hits back with a quick equaliser. Anastasia pushes out and then quickly takes down Vanesa to win 3 points and wind up the round with a 5-2 lead

Women's 57 Kg category is up next

Anastasia Nichita will square off against Vanesa in the women's 57 Kg category in the 4th bout of the night. Haryana Hammers lead 2-1 after 3 bouts with 6 bouts to go.

Khetik keeps Delhi in the hunt

Khetik extends his lead to 3 points as he tries to bring Delhi back into the match. Khetik again scores 2 points for an Alligator roll. Khetik secures the bout finishing with a 4 point move winning by a score of 9-0.

Khetik leading in the 1st round

Praveen defending against Khetik but Khetik takes a 1 point lead to finish the round. A little-heated round as both the grapplers separated by the referee.

Men's 74 Kg category is up next

Delhi skipper Khetik Tsabalov will look to trigger Delhi's resurgence as he takes on Parveen Rana in the 3rd bout of the night as Haryana Hammers have a 2-0 lead by bouts won in the match.

Kiran annihilates Shustova to double Haryana's advantage

Kiran looking to protect her lead and no points are scored in the first 2 minutes of the 2nd round. Kiran finishes off the bout in style by a 4 point move to seal the bout by 6-1. Haryana Hammers double their lead.

Kiran holding off Shustova

A slowish start to the round. Kiran gains 2 points for a good move and looks to wrap up the round. Kiran has a 2 point advantage after the first round

Women's 76 Kg category

Anastasia Shustova will be facing Kiran in the women's 76 Kg category in the 2nd bout of the night as Haryana lead 1-0

Ravi takes the lead for Haryana Hammers

Ravi starting the 2nd round well winning 1 point. Ravi lead by 6 points with a minute remaining. Ravi finishes the round and bout in a comprehensive manner by a score of 7-1. Haryana Hammers lead 1-0 with 8 bouts to go

Ravi leads after 1st round

Both wrestlers testing each other's moves and waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack. Ravi Kumar takes the lead with a 2 point move after which Pankaj gets 1 point. Ravi attacks strongly to win 4 points for turning his opponent. Ravi ahead by a score of 6-1

Men's 57 kg category is up first

The first bout on the night will be in the Men's 57 Kg category between Ravi Kumar and Pankaj as both the teams will look to start off in a positive manner.

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