17 days, 123 bouts and 17 matches later the big final is about to commence and bring down the curtains on a glorious tournament when the Haryana Hammers will square up against favourites and 2-time defending champions Punjab Royals at the Gautam Buddha University Indoor Stadium in Greater Noida. The tournament has been full of surprises, shocks and intense bouts and the final match promises to be perfect climax to the tournament.

Haryana Hammers has carried a wretched record when it comes to finals as they have qualified for each and every one of the finals since the inception of the league and has failed to win any of them. This season they came in 2nd in the group phase and then comfortably saw off the Delhi Sultans’ challenge in the semis to set up a rematch of the finals of the last 2 seasons and will be hoping that they manage to secure a victory this time.

Punjab Royals topped the charts in the league phase winning 4 out of their 5 matches and then beat UP Dangal in the semis as they continued their charge for a hat-trick of titles. Bajrang Punia has been a source of inspiration for the Royals and will be looking to finish off on a high.

The bouts to watch out for include Ali Shabanov vs Dato Marsagishvili, Korey Jarvis vs Khotsianivski Aleksander, Bajrang Punia vs Rajneesh.

Category Haryana Hammers Punjab Royals
53 Kg Women’s Seema  Anju
57 Kg Women’s Anastasia Nichita Mimi Hristova
57 Kg Men’s Ravi Kumar Nitin Rathi
62 Kg Women’s Tatyana Omelchenko Anita
65 Kg Men’s Rajneesh Bajrang Punia
74 Kg Men’s Parveen Rana Amit Dhankar
76 Kg Women’s Kiran Cynthia Vescan
86 Kg Men’s Ali Shabanov Dato Marsagishvili
125 Kg Men’s Khotsianivski Aleksander Korey Jarvis

Here are the highlights  from the big final between Punjab Royals and Haryana Hammers:


Haryana Hammers finally wins the Pro Wrestling League

Bjarang Punia steps up to collect the PWL Trophy for the Haryana Hammers and they will celebrate this victory for some time

Punjab Royals' players receive silver medals

Punjab Royals' players receive the silver medal for their amazing journey in this year's campaign but they were unable to add to their 2 titles.

Kiran wins the Player of the match award

Kiran wins the Player of the match award for her amazing performance against Cynthia Vescan.

Haryana Hammers wins the 4th season of Pro Wrestling League beating Punjab Royals 6-3 on aggregate

Haryana Hammers are the champions of PWL 4

Tatyana Omelchenko is holding on to her lead as Haryana waits to celebrate their victory as Tatyana wins by a score of 7-0 to put the finishing touch on an emphatic performance as Haryana Hammers wins 6-3

Tatyana leads Anita

No scores to show for the wrestler's efforts in this match. Tatyana takes a 5 point lead as the round draws to a conclusion with the final bout of the night and this season remaining.

Women's 62 kg category will be the final bout of the season

Tatyana Omelchenko will be up against the experienced Anita in the women's 62 Kg category in the final bout of the night and this season. Haryana Hammers have secured the championship as they lead 5-3 going into this bout

Anju stages a comeback to win

Seema gains 4 points as the round gains momentum. Anju has 1 point and trails by 4 points but gains 3 points to reduce the lead to just 1 point with a minute remaining. Anju leads now through a 2 point move. Anju goes on the attack and gains 4 points to win the bout by a score of 10-5 and Haryana lead 5-3 with the final bout to go

Uneventful bout sees Seema ahead slightly

A slowish start to this round as both the grapplers are trying to score but are unable to break each other down. The round is drawing to a close with Seema leading 1-0 after a largely uneventful round

Women's 53 kg category is up next

Seema will face off against Anju in the lightest weight category of women's 53 Kg category in the penultimate bout of this season of the PWL as champions Haryana Hammers lead 5-2

Amit Dhankar wins the 7th bout of the night

Amit has been dominating this bout and he gains 2 further points to secure the win in the bout by a score of 5-2 as the tie is in Haryana's favour

Amit Dhankar leads in the 7th bout

A fiery start as Rana tries to convert an attack from Dhankar but Dhankar takes a 2-point lead. Rana equalises with a good move. Dhankar pushes Rana to take a narrow 1 point lead as the round winds up.

Men's 74 Kg category is up next

Parveen Rana will lock horns with Amit Dhankar in the men's 74 Kg category in the 7th bout of the night as Haryana Hammers lead by 5-1 with 3 bouts remaining.

Bajrang Punia brushes aside Rajneesh

Bajrang is comfortable in this bout as he gains 1 more point which he increases by 3 points to take his lead to 11 points. Bajrang wins the bout by a score of 11-0 as Haryana's lead is reduced to 5-1.

Bajrang proving too strong for Rajneesh

Bajrang opens his account with a strong move which earns him 3 points which he extends to 5 points. Bajrang taking the initiative and scores another 2 points to finish the round with a 7-0 lead

Men's 65 Kg category is up next

In the most anticipated bout of the night, Padma Shri Bajrang Punia will take to the mat to face Rajneesh in the men's 65 Kg category in the 6th bout of the night. Since Haryana have already secured the match all the results of the remaining bouts will be inconsequential and will only count for wrestlers' personal pride

Anastasia Nichita wins the match for Haryana Hammers

Hristova showing some fight for Punjab and wins 4 points as she takes the lead but Nichita comes back to score 2 points. Anastasia completes a pinfall Mimi and finishes off the match with a whole round remaining in the bout. Haryana take an unassailable 5-0 lead and will be the champions of PWL 4.

Women's 57 kg category is up next

Anastasia Nichita will square up against Mimi Hristova in an exciting bout in the women's 57 Kg category in the all-important 5th bout of the night as a win for Nichita will wrap up the match for Haryana Hammers after Ravi Kumar's victory put Hammers 4-0 ahead

Ravi beats Nitin comprehensively

Ravi Kumar extends his lead to 4 points as he edges closer to the victory in this 4th bout of the night. Another 3 points for Ravi followed by 1 point to wrap up the bout by a score of 8-0 and Haryana lead 4-0 on the night

Ravi ahead by 2 points after 1st round

Both the wrestlers are attacking strongly. Ravi takes a 1 point lead which he is able to extend to 2-0 as the round ends and Haryana are steaming towards the victory.

Men's 57 Kg category is up next

Ravi Kumar will have to battle with Nitin Rathi in the men's 57 Kg category in the important 4th bout of the night as Haryana Hammers look to edge closer to victory

Kiran secures 3rd consecutive bout win for Haryana

Kiran holding on to the lead as the round enters its final minute and wins the bout by a score of 3-1 to hand Haryana Hammers a 3-0 lead with just 6 bouts to go in the match

Kiran performing strongly against Cynthia

A probing first half of this 1st round as no points are scored. Kiran leads by 1 point as the final 30 seconds of the round remains. Kiran extends her lead to 3 points as the round ends.

Women's 76 kg category is up next

Cynthia Vescan will face Kiran in the women's 76 Kg category in the 3rd bout of the night as Haryana Hammers has an early 2-0 lead courtesy of Ali's stunning victory in the 2nd bout

Ali steals a win for Haryana

Ali looking for a route back into this match but Dato is blocking every attempt. Dato scores a point but Ali counter-attacks to gain 2 points and bring the lead to just 1 point with 30 seconds to go. A nervy finish to the bout as Ali steals the match via a challenge. Ali wins by a score of 4-3 and Haryana lead 2-0

Dato leads Ali Shabanov in the 2nd bout

Both the wrestlers are trying to attack each other. Dato gains the first 2 points of the round and trying to bring Punjab back into this match. Dato leads 2-0 after the first round.

Men's 86 Kg category is up next

Ali Shabanov will look to carry on his fine form as he prepares to face the consistent Dato Marsagishvili in the 2nd bout of the night as Haryana lead 1-0.

Aleksander hands Haryana an early lead

Aleksander continues his dominance as he extends his lead to 3 points and is defending expertly as well. Aleksander wins the 1st bout with a score of 3-0 to put Haryana Hammers ahead

Aleksander leads in the 1st bout

A slow start to the match as both the grapplers are cautious. Aleksander pushes out Jarvis to gain 2 points and finish the round with that. Aleksander leads 2-0 ahead of the 2nd round.

Men's 125 Kg category is up first

Korey Jarvis will face Khotsianivski Aleksander in the 1st bout of the night as the big final gets underway in Greater Noida.

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