Debutant MP Yodha will lock horns with the Delhi Sultans on the 2nd day of the 4th season of Pro Wrestling League at the Tau Devi Lal Stadium in Panchkula. The spectators will be eager to catch a glimpse of national stars such as Sakshi Malik and Pooja Dhanda who will be eager to impress as a new season begins.

Delhi Sultans who have formed a formidable side with multiple Olympians and Commonwealth Games medallist and will have to be one of the favourites for the title. The star attraction for the Delhi-based side will be 2016 Olympic bronze medallist Sakshi Malik alongside Sumit Malik, Rahul Aware and Shustova Anastasia among others. Sakshi Malik will square off against Azerbaijan international Elise Manolova in the women’s 62 Kg category.

MP Yodha has selected young and talented wrestlers like Ritu Phogat and Pooja Dhanda to represent them in the competition. 25-year-old Dhanda from Haryana had a wonderful year in 2018 where she won bronze in the World Championship and a silver medal in the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and she will be expected to take her splendid form into the PWL. Dhanda will be competing in the women’s 57 Kg category and she will go head-to-head against Delhi’s Romanian wrestler Katherina.

Delhi Sultans: Pinki (53 Kg), Pankaj (57 Kg), Katherina Zhydachivska (57 Kg), Sakshi Malik (62 Kg), Kviatkoski Andrey (65 Kg), Khetik Tsabolov (74 Kg), Shustova Anastasia (76 Kg), Praveen (86 Kg) Satender Malik (125 Kg).

MP Yodha: Ritu Phogat (53 Kg), Sandeep Tomar (57 Kg), Pooja Dhanda (57 Kg), Elise Manolova (62 Kg), Haji Aliyev (65 Kg), Vasil Mikhaillov (74 Kg), Andrea Carolina (76 Kg), Deepak (86 Kg), Akash Antil (125 Kg).

Here are the highlights for Pro Wrestling League 2019 MP Yodha vs Delhi Sultans:


Pooja Dhanda wins Player of the day award

Pooja Dhanda wins the Player of the day award for a spirited performance against Katherina in the women's 57 Kg category. Pooja won 6-0 in the penultimate bout of the night.

MP Yodha clinch the match 4-3

MP Yodha came back from 3-1 down to win 4-3 on Day 2 of PWL Season 4 2019 against the Delhi Sultans.

Sandeep clinches the match for MP Yodha

The final round of the night begins with Pankaj attacking swiftly. Pankaj scores a point to reduce the lead to just 1 point with a minute and a half remaining. Sandeep makes a 5 point move while Pankaj moves to 7 points going into the last 20 seconds. Sandeep wins it for the MP Yodha with a score of 9-7.

Pankaj held off by Sandeep Tomar in the first round of the final bout

Pankaj scores the first points in the bout but Sandeep Tomar levels the score 4-4 after a minute. Sandeep takes the lead in the later stages of the round which finishes 6-4 in Sandeep's and MP's favour.

The final bout of Day 2 of PWL 4 coming up

Sandeep Tomar will face Pankaj in the final bout of the night in the men's 57 Kg category to decide the winner of the match.

Pooja Dhanda keeps the MP Yodha in hunt with a win over Katherina

Dhanda still attacking Katherina and wins 2 points amidst protest from Delhi Sultans which sees scores reversed back to 2 points but the match ends with Pooja takes 2 points in the last seconds. The final score in this bout is 6-0.

Pooja Dhanda leads Katherina by 2 points

Pooja starts off on the front foot and gains a 2 point lead and holds on to the lead until the end of the first round. A win for Pooja will set up a decider going in to the final bout

Next up is the 57 Kg women's category

One of the most anticipated bouts of the night sees Pooja Dhanda take to the mat against Delhi Sultans Katherina as Delhi lead the match 3-2

Haji rescues MP Yodha with a 9-2 win over Andrey

Haji gains 2 points to take a lead of a point with a minute of the round remaining. Haji gains a further advantage scoring 6 points to end the bout with a win through a score of 9-2

Andrey handles Haji to take an advantage into the second round

Haji and Andrey are trying to break into each other's defence in the first 2 minutes of the round. Andrey gains 2 points while Haji gets 1 point and that is the final score of the round.

Men's 65 Kg category up next

Haji Aliyev will look to kick-start a comeback for the MP Yodhas who are struggling to deal with Delhi's wrestlers. Haji will come up against Kviatkoski Andrey in the Men's 65 Kg category

Andrea pinned by Anastasia as Delhi extend the lead to 3-1

Andrea taking on the initiative but Anastasia is the one who bags 4 points. Anastasia pins Andrea inside a minute to win the bout and extend Delhi's lead in the match.

Women's 76 Kg category up next

Ukranian Shustova Anastasia takes the field for Delhi-side against MP's Andrea Olaya in the highly anticipated 76 Kg women's category.

Khetik takes Vasil for a spin and puts Delhi in the lead

Khetik has a comfortable cushion from the first round and he decides to defend his lead. Vasil takes advantage and scores 2 points after which Khetik takes the initiative and finishes the match with his signature turns and with a score of 17-2.

Khetik blitzes Vasil to take the first round

A slowish start to the bout but Khetik gains 4 points from a hard slam on Vasil. Khetik extends his lead to 8 points after the completion of the first round of the bout.

Men's 74 Kg category up next

MP's Vasil Mikhailov will face Delhi's captain Khetik Tsabolov in the exciting match-up in the men's 74 kg category.

Scores level 1-1 after 2 bouts

Delhi Sultans and MP Yodha both have won one bout each with Pinki beating Ritu Phogat being the shock result so far.

Ritu Phogat stunned by Pinki by score of 3-5

Ritu trying to pick up the pace in this round but is thwarted expertly by Pinki but Ritu hits back to level the points. Ritu and Pinki both awarded 2 points and in the last moments of the round, Pinki wins the bout by a score of 5-3.

Ritu Phogat shunted by Pinki as Pinki leads after 1st round

A cautious start to the round by both grapplers as no points is scored in the first half of the first round. Pinki scores the first point in the bout and that point is enough to win her the first round.

The second bout is in the 53 Kg women's category

Delhi Sultans' Pinki will face MP Yodha's Ritu Phogat in the 53 Kg women's category. Phogat is expected to be a tough competitor in this weight category and will be tough to beat

Deepak wins the first bout for MP Yodha

MP's Deepak begins the round aggressively and takes a 3 point lead inside the first minute of the round. Both the wrestlers twisting each other and the MP Yodhas win the round

First round ends in first bout

A slim 1 point lead for Praveen over Deepak going into the second round where Deepak should be more proactive to launch a comeback

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