Haryana Hammers who lost out to the NCR Punjab Royals in last year final will be for a positive start to the season as they face the UP Dangal at the Tau Devi Lal Stadium in Panchkula on Day 3 of the Pro Wrestling League 2019. The first 2 days of the competition witnessed close encounters and another closely fought battle is expected when these 2 teams take to the mat.

Haryana Hammers have a balanced squad and will be looking towards the 2018 Commonwealth Games bronze medallist Kiran to lead their charge and the National champion Rajneesh (65 Kg men’s) and National championship runners-up Ravi Kumar (57 Kg men’s). Kiran will have to face Estonian Epp Mae in the 76 Kg women’s category.

UP Dangal will have high hopes from Navjot Kaur who has been in fine form recently. Navjyot won gold at the Asian Wrestling League last year to go along with her bronze medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow. 4-time National champion Jitender (74 Kg men’s) and Sarita who won Asian cham[pionship silver medal in 2017 along with gold in multiple national championships will help the UP Dangal to trounce their opponents.

Haryana Hammers: Seema (53 Kg), Anastasia Nichita (57 Kg), Ravi Kumar (57 Kg), Tatyana Omelchenko (62 Kg), Rajneesh (65 Kg), Parveen Rana (74 Kg), Kiran (76 Kg), Ali Shabanov (86 Kg), Khotsianivski Aleksander (125 Kg).

UP Dangal: Vanesa Kaladzinskaya (53 Kg), Naveen (57 Kg), Sarita (57 Kg), Navjot Kaur (62 Kg), Pankaj Rana (65 Kg), Jitender (74 Kg), Epp Mae (76 Kg) Irakli Misituri (86 Kg), Giorgi Sakandelidze (125 Kg).


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Ravi Kumar named Player of the Match

Ravi Kumar has been named as the Player of the match for a dominant display in the 57 Kg men's category against Naveen

Anastasia floors Sarita as Hammers win 5-2

Anastasia blocks Sarita expertly for most of the round and pounces on in the final seconds to clinch the bout with a 9 point lead and Haryana Hammers secure the match after a dominant display winning by the score of 5-2.

Anastasia in the lead as Sarita look to bounce back in the final round

A cautious start from both grapplers but Anastasia takes the first point and extends lead to 3 points as the first round of the final bout ends.

Final bout of the night coming up with the 57 Kg women's category

The final bout of the night will see Haryana Hammers field Anastasia Nichita against UP Dangal's Sarita in the women's 57 Kg category with Haryana having already clinched the match as they lead 4-2 with a single bout remaining.

Ravi beats Naveen 7-2 to win the match for the Hammers

Naveen turns around the bout with a 2 point move but Ravi immediately hits back and takes his total to 5 points. Ravi snatches the bout with a score of 7-2 and secures the match for the Hammers who have an unassailable 4-2 lead

Ravi has a slender lead over Naveen after the first round

Ravi and Naveen grappling strongly but no points for their efforts. Ravi gains a point at the 2-minute mark. A medical team called on as the referee sees a cut under the eye of Ravi and the rest of the round finishes as it was.

Next up is the 57 Kg men's category

The Penultimate bout of the night sees Haryana's Ravi Kumar take on UP's Naveen in the 57 Kg men's category with Haryana leading 3-2 with just 2 bouts remaining in the match

Khotsianivski helps Haryana by beating Giorgi

Khotsianivski gains a point over Giorgi to extend the lead to 3 points and finishes the round with a score of 3-0 to extend Haryana's lead to 3-2 after 5 bouts.

Khotsianivski up by 2 points against Giorgi after the first round

Khotsianivski leads Giorgi by 2 points within the 1st minute of the round. 2 point lead for the Hammers at the end of an incident-free first round in the 5th bout.

Next bout is in the 125 Kg men's category

Haryana Hammers send Khotsianivski Aleksander to take on UP Dangals' Giorgi Sakandelidze in the heavyweight men's 125 Kg category as the match is delicately poised at 2-2.

UP Dangal equalises again as Mae holds off Kiran

Epp Mae defending her lead expertly as no points are scored within the first 2 minutes of the round and Epp Mae wins by the same score to level the match 2-2 after 4 bouts

Kiran trail Epp Mae after 1st round

Kiran and Epp Mae start off slowly but Mae gains a point and extends it to 3 points. Epp Mae finishes strong with a 5 point lead at the end of first round.

Next bout is in the 76 Kg women's category

Haryana's Kiran will take on UP's Estonian wrestler Epp Mae in the 4th bout of the night with Haryana leading 2-1 with 4 bouts remaining.

Rajneesh blitzes Pankaj Rana 16-0 to take the bout

Rajneesh finishes the round within the first 30 seconds of the round winning on technical superiority by a score of 16-0. Haryana Hammers lead 2-1 bouts.

Rajneesh leads Pankaj Rana by 10 points

Rajneesh and Pankaj Rana testing each other. Rajneesh scores the first points in the Round with a 2 point move which he extends to 4 points. Raneesh goes all-out attack and ends the round with a 10 point lead.

65 Kg men's category coming up

Rajneesh from Haryana will face Pankaj Rana from UP in the Kg category, in the 3rd bout of the night as the scores are levelled at 1-1 after 2 bouts.

Vanesa beats Seema 3-2 in the second bout

A much more hands-on approach from both grapplers at the start of the 2nd round. Seema equalises in the final minute of the round but Vanesa pushes Seema outside the ring to win the round by a score of 3-2. 1bout each won by the 2 sides

Seema trails Vanesa by 2 points after 1st round

An aggressive start by Vanesa results in her gaining 2 points after which the round fizzles out as both the wrestlers are unable to gain any points. Vanesa leads by 2 points with a round of the bout to go

Women's 53 KG Category coming up in 2nd bout

Seema (HH) set to take on Vanesa (UPD) in the women's 53 Kg category as Haryana Hammers lead 1-0 after 1 bout

Ali hands Hammers an early lead beating UP's Misituri

A slow start for the round as both grapplers probing their opponents. Misituri gains a point but Ali hits back with a couple of points to lead by 3 points. Ali wins the round by final score of 6-1.

Ali leads Misituri by 2 points after 1st round

Ali takes an early 2-points lead in the first round while Misituri is defensive in his approach and the Ali takes the round by 2-0 score going into the 2nd round where Misituri should attack Ali more.

First bout of the night is for 86 Kg men's category

Irakli Misituri from UP will take on Haryana's Ali Shabanov in the men's 86 Kg category in the maiden bout of the 3rd day of PWL Season 4.

UP Dangal wins the toss and blocks women's 62 Kg category

UP Dangal wins the coin toss and selects to block the 62 Kg women's category while Haryana Hammers block 74 Kg men's category on Day 3 of the PWL 4 2019

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