Delhi Sultans and UP Dangal will lock horns on Day 5 of the Pro Wrestling League 2019 as they aim to overcome the defeats in their respective first matches and kick-start their campaigns. This match will also bring down the curtains on the first leg of the tournament which was held for the first time ever in Panchkula. The tournament will now move to Ludhiana from tomorrow before the final leg which is scheduled to begin in Greater Noida from January 24.

Delhi Sultans were competitive against the MP Yodha as they had Yodha’s down by a score of 3-1 after 4 bouts but let their supremacy slip away and MP Yodha won 3 successive bouts to lose 4-3. Delhi will need to see the matches through if they have to go far in the tournament and avoid a repeat of their mistakes against the MP Yodha. Delhi was also hampered by the absence of star players such as Sakshi Malik, Rahul Aware and Sumit Malik and if they manage to play in this match, Delhi’s chances for success increase massively.

UP Dangal were hammered 5-2 by the Haryana Hammers in their opening match. Their star-performer Navjot Kaur was not able to take to the mat as her category was blocked out but she will be expected to participate in a very tough challenge against Sultans’ Sakshi Malik. Vanesa Kaladzinskaya and Epp Mae will look to carry on their form while wrestlers such as Pankaj Rana, Naveen and Jitender must show some resolve if the UP Dangal plans to challenge the Delhi Sultans.

Delhi Sultans: Pinki (53 Kg), Pankaj (57 Kg), Katherina Zhydachivska (57 Kg), Sakshi Malik (62 Kg), Kviatkoski Andrey (65 Kg), Khetik Tsabolov (74 Kg), Shustova Anastasia (76 Kg), Praveen (86 Kg) Satender Malik (125 Kg).

UP Dangal: Vanesa Kaladzinskaya (53 Kg), Naveen (57 Kg), Sarita (57 Kg), Navjot Kaur (62 Kg), Pankaj Rana (65 Kg), Jitender (74 Kg), Epp Mae (76 Kg) Irakli Misituri (86 Kg), Giorgi Sakandelidze (125 Kg).

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Delhi Sultans beats UP Dangal by 4-3

Sakshi Malik did it again! Delhi wrestler beats Navjyot Kaur in the 62 kg category bout by technical superiority. With this win, the Commonwealth medalist seals the victory for Delhi Sultans by 4-3 against UP Dangals.

UP Dangal 3-3 Delhi Sultans

Wrestler Sakshi Malik and Navjot Kaur have grappled each other in a nail-biter. The winner of the bout will also bag today's match.

UP Dangal vs Delhi Sultans

Delhi Sultans' wrestler Sakshi Malik takes on UP Dangal's Navjot Kaur in the 62 kg category bout. The star-studded match is expected to be super excited as both the sides have won 3-3 points.

UP Dangal 3-3 Delhi Sultans

Georgi wins the bout by a score of 6-0. UP Dangal levels the score by 3 each in the game. The final match will be a decision making one.

UP Dangal 5-0 Delhi Sultans

Next match between Giorgi Sakandelidze of UP Dangal and Satender Malik of Delhi Sultans for the 125 kg category. Georgi at a lead of 5-0 from Satender at the end of the first round. High voltage performance by Georgie.

UP Dangal 2-3 Delhi Sultans

Irikali won the bout by a score of 6-0. Praveen Kumar lost the match by a big difference. The final score is UP Dangal at 2 and Delhi Sultans at 3.

UP Dangal 6-0 Delhi Sultans

Next match between Praveen Kumar from Delhi Sultans and Irakli Misituri from UP Dangal for the 86 kg category. Irakili at a lead of 6-0 in the first round. Irakili giving a tough competition to Praveen.

UP Dangal 1-3 Delhi sultans

Pinki and Vanesa having a tough match. Vanesa levels the score by 4 each. Pinki wins the bout by a single point, scores are 8 for Pinki and 7 for Vanesa. Delhi Sultans at a lead of 2 by the score being 3 and UP Dangal at 1.

UP Dangal 3-4 Delhi Sultans

Next match between Vanesa Kaladzinskaya of UP Dangal and Kumari Pinki of Delhi Sultans in the 53 kg category. Pinki made a comeback and took a lead by making the score go 4-2. Pinki at a lead of 1 with a score 4-3 at the half time.

UP Dangal 1-2 Delhi Sultans

Khetik made a come back by taking a 7 point lead and making the score go 8-1. Khetik won the bout by a score of 8-3 in the bout. Delhi Sultans at a lead of 1 with a score of 2 and UP Dangal at a score of 1.

UP Dangal 1-0 Delhi Sultans

Next match between Jitender Kumar of UP Dangal and Khetik Tsabolov of Delhi Sultans for the 74 kg weight category. Jitender Kumar at a lead of 1-0 in the bout at the half time. He is giving tough competition to Khetik Tsabalov.

UP Dangal vs Delhi Sultans

Sarita at a lead of 1-0 in the first half. Sarita won the bout by a score of 3-0 in the 57 kg category. The scores of UP Dangal and Delhi Sultans are a 1-1 each in the bout.

UP Dangal vs Delhi Sultans

Pankaj defeats Naveen by 7-0 in the first bout. Delhi Sultans takes a lead of 1-0 in the match. Next match between Sarita Mor and Katherina Zhydachivska.

Delhi Sultans vs UP Dangal

Delhi Sultans won the toss, chose to block 76 kg men category. While UP Dangal chose men 65 kg category. In the first bout of 57 kg category, Pankaj will take on Naveen.

Delhi Sultans vs UP Dangal

Delhi Sultans and UP Dangal are all set to lock horns against each other at the Tau Devi Lal stadium in Panchkula, Haryana. Today, all eyes will be on the 62 kg bout, where Sakshi Malik will face Navjot Kaur.

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