MP Yodha who has won their first 2 matches in their maiden season will look to make it a hat-trick of wins as they face a confident Haryana Hammers at the Indoor stadium in Ludhiana for the second leg of the Pro Wrestling League Season 4. 

Haryana Hammers were ruthless as they stomped to a 5-2 victory over UP Dangal in their only match so far this season. Ravi Kumar was awarded the player of the match in the win and will be confident of repeating or bettering his performance. Rajneesh and Anastasia Nichita were also instrumental and would again play an important role in deciding the outcome of this fixture.

MP Yodha has won both their matches against Delhi Sultans and Mumbai Maharathi by an identical scoreline of 4-3. Sandeep Tomar, Haji Aliyev and Pooja Dhanda have been the most consistent performers for them and will be looking to keep up the winning momentum. A win should see them very close to sealing a semi-final berth as they sit atop the league table.

Category Haryana Hammers MP Yodha
53 Kg Female Seema Ritu Phogat
57 Kg Male Ravi Kumar Sandeep Tomar
57 Kg Female Anastasia Nichita Pooja Dhanda
62 Kg Female Tatyana Omelchenko Elise Manolova
65 Kg Male Rajneesh Haji Aliyev
74 Kg Male Parveen Rana Vasil Mikhailov
76 Kg Female Kiran Andrea Olaya
86 Kg Male Ali Shabanov Deepak
125 Kg Male Khotsianivski Aleksander Akash Antil

Here are the highlights from the match:


Anastasia Nichita and Ravi Kumar bags the Player(s) of the Match

Anastasia Nichita and Ravi Kumar from the Haryana Hammers jointly win the Player(s) of the Match award for amazing performance against on Day 6 of the Pro Wrestling League Season 4 2019. Haryana Hammers go on top of the league table while MP Yodha go down to 2nd place.

Ravi Kumar wins the match for Haryana Hammers

A close encounter but Ravi takes a considerable lead of 5 points with just 2 minutes remaining in the match. He increases his tally to 10 points to win the match for Haryana Hammers with a score of 10-1.

Ravi Kumar ahead after 1st period of the bout

A tough start by both who are testing each other. Ravi Kumar with a 2-1 lead after the first round in the final bout of the night as both sides chase the victory in the match.

The final decider bout is up next

The final bout on the night is in the 57 Kg men's category which will see Sandeep Tomar and Ravi Kumar fight it out to win the match for their sides as scores are level 3-3.

Anastasia Nichita stuns Pooja Dhanda to set up decider

Pooja Dhanda requires to come back in order to win and she begins with a 4 point move but an unsuccessful objection from Anastasia gives Pooja an additional point.
Anastasia hits back to level the score 5-5. Anastasia in the lead by a point. Dhanda has a 2 point move but again Anastasia hits back and wins the bout 8-7. The match is level at 3-3.

Anastasia strikes in the first round of 6th bout

A cautious approach and build up by both. Anastasia opens her account with a point. Pooja struggling against an aggressive Anastasia who has a further 2 points and wins the round 3-0

Next bout in the women's 57 Kg category

The penultimate round sees a blockbuster clash between Pooja Dhanda who has a chance to win the match for MP Yodha against Haryana Hammers' Anastasia Nichita in the 57 Kg women's category.MP lead 3-2 after 5 bouts.

Vasil finishes strong to win 7-6

Parveen attacking with intent at the start of the second round and wins 2 points. A stoppage as consultation goes on between officials after which Parveen is given another point. Rana in the lead 6-4 with a minute remaining in the round. Vasil reduces lead to 1 point and wins it in the final seconds by a score of 7-6.

Scores level after 1st round of bout 5

A slow and cautious start to the round by both wrestlers who are testing each other's defence. Vasil leads 2-1 after 2 minutes in the round but Parveen levels with a point for pushing Vasil out.

5th bout in the men's 74 Kg category

Haryana Hammers' Parveen Rana will face MP Yodha's Vasil Mikhailov in the 5th bout on the night with the match level 2-2.

Haryana back level as Tatyana holds on

An attacking start from both wrestlers sees Elise win a point to reduce the deficit to 2 points. A push out earns Elise a point with 10 seconds remaining. Tatyana holds on to win 6-5.

Tatyana lead 6-3 after 1st round

An all-Azerbaijan bout gets off to a good start with Tatyana leading 2-0 after 1st minute of the round. A solid move by Tatyana gains her 4 points more. Elise hits back with a 3 point move. The round ends in Tatyana's favour 6-3.

Next bout in Women's 62 Kg category

Elise Manolova will face Tatyana Omelchenko in the 4th bout of the night as MP Yodha lead 2-1 after 3 bouts.

Haji wins spectacular bout again Rajneesh

Haji Aliyev and Rajneesh both trade 2 point moves but Haji still leads by a point. Haji gains further ground on Rajneesh with 2 points. Haji sees out the bout winning 5-2 after a spectacular and exciting battle.

Haji Aliyev slightly ahead after the 1st round

A cautious start from both of grapplers. Haji wins the 1st point in the round and bout. Ali leads by 1-0 after the 1st round of the bout.

Men's 65 Kg category up next

MP Yodha will have Haji Aliyev to face Haryana's Rajneesh in a highly anticipated clash between 2 superstars in this category.

Andrea snatches victory to level the match

Kiran levels the bout with an early point. Kiran overturns the first round lead with a smart 2 points move. A review by Andrea wins her 2 points to level scores. Andrea finishes strong and in the last seconds wins the match with a 3 point move. Some consultation going on between the officials but eventually, Andrea is declared the winner.

Andrea holds a slender advantage over Kiran

A slow start but Andrea earns a point to take a lead. Andrea finishes the round with a 1 point lead going into the second round of the 2nd bout.

Women's 76 Kg category coming up

Andrea Olaya will face Kiran in the second bout to restore parity for the MP Yodha in the match. An interesting battle in the women's 76 Kg category.

Ali Shabanov hands Hammers an early lead against Deepak

Ali smartly defending his lead and blocking Deepak expertly. A dull round sees Ali win the round by the same score of 8-0. Haryana Hammers lead 1-0 after the first bout.

Ali leads Deepak after 1st round in the first bout

A quick start from Deepak but Ali turns him around to gain a 4 point lead. A further 4 points for Ali Shabanov after one and a half minutes of the first round. A comprehensive 8-0 lead after the 1st round for Ali.

Men's 86 kg category to start the day

The proceedings for the day will begin with the men's 86 category where Hammers send Ali Shabanov to face Deepak in the first bout

MP Yodha wins the toss and blocks 125 Kg men's category

MP Yodha wins the coin toss and has decided to block 125 Kg Men's category while Hammers the has decided to strike out the 53 Kg women's category on Day 6 of PWL 4 2019.

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