NCR Punjab Royals, After winning their last game against Delhi Sultans will now battle it out to mark their third victory against MP Yodha in the last game of the second leg of the tournament at the Indoor Stadium, Pakhowal Road, Ludhiana. MP Yodha lost to Haryana Hammers in their last game and will anticipate a win in the game to get a strong hold on the league points table. Star players like Pooja Dhanda, Ritu Phogat and Haji Aliyev are expected to turn the table in MP Yodha’s favor as they have shown a high voltage performance in their previous games.

NCR Punjab Royals lodged their first win by defeating MP Yodha in a deadlock encounter. Bajrang Punia, star player of NCR Punjab Royals seized a win for his team in the one-sided decider bout against Kwiatkowski Andrey of Delhi sultans by a score of 9-0. Korey Jarvis, Dato Marsagishvili and Vescan Cynthia also delivered a super energetic performance in their previous game against Delhi Sultans.

This match will also bring down the curtains on the second leg of the tournament held in Ludhiana. Local crowds supported the event as spectators turned out in large numbers every day to witness the global and national superstars battling out. The tournament will now move to Greater Noida from tomorrow for the final leg of the tournament.

Here are the squads for NCR Punjab Royals Vs MP Yodha:

NCR Punjab Royals: Anju (53 Kg), Mimi Hristova (57 Kg), Nitin Rathee (57 Kg), Bajrang Puniya (65 Kg), Anita (62 Kg), Amit Dhankhar (74 Kg), Alina Stadnik Makhynia (76 Kg), Dato Marsagishvili (86 Kg), Korey Jarvis (125 Kg)

MP Yodha: Ritu Phogat (53 Kg), Sandeep Tomar (57 Kg), Pooja Dhanda (57 Kg), Elise Manolova (62 Kg), Haji Aliyev (65 Kg), Vasil Mikhailov (74 Kg), Andrea Olaya (76 Kg), Deepak (86 Kg), Akash Antil (125 Kg).

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