“Produce consciously, limit waste, keep market trends in mind”: Amit Aggarwal, Founder & Creative Director, advices brands

31 August, 2020 | newsx bureau

Amit Aggarwal A List

In an exclusive interview with NewsX for its special segment NewsX A-list, Amit Aggarwal sheds light on his ideology behind his brand, his experiences during the pandemic and his predictions for th...

Amit Aggarwal is the Founder & Creative Director of Amit Aggarwal, a fashion designer, haute couturist and a household name. In a recent exclusive interview with NewsX, Amit Aggarwal sheds light on his ideology behind his brand, his experiences during the pandemic and his predictions for the future.

He recently launched an inspiring limited edition collection with a cause on Independence Day. He elaborates the idea of interdependence behind the collection and the necessity of giving back to the Karigar community during these trying times. He emphasised the indispensability of the Karigars and considers his collection a necessary contribution to empower the entire community. The collection consisted of 12 free-size T-shirts created and designed by the Karigars.

He proudly declares that “In an hour, we were sold out and all the proceeds went to the Karigars”. This collection is a paradigm of the innovative ways in which we can empower and help economically weaker sections of the society during the pandemic. This exemplary philosophy of starting smaller, innovative initiatives to make bigger changes seems to be the need of the hour and it is exemplified in his label which has been created on the fundamentals of sustainability, innovation, interdependence and ecological consciousness.

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Speaking about the trials that the pandemic created, he states, “After the first few months, there was some more clarity about the future and our immediate priority was to take care of the Karigars and ensure continued work.” After the Unlock 3, his physical store has seen some footfall and clients. His advice to brands during this time is to”Produce consciously, limit waste, keep market trends in mind so as to avoid producing in excess”.

He’s optimistic about the future of Bridal couture and believes that it isn’t going to be affected too much because people still want to look just as good on their wedding day. The selected number of guests isn’t going to affect the beauty in the wedding any more than it will affect the sanctity of the marriage .His vision is “an amalgamation of traditional aesthetics and the technology of the future to create a dynamic present”. The driving force behind his vision is the creativity of the Karigars and he stresses on the need to empower them and allow them to create clothes in every imaginable way.

According to his assessment of the future, he believes that things will be more digital and suggests embracing the change. He states that the brand thrives on innovation and adapt and voices his plans to go digital to limit waste and showcase his innovative designs. However, he continues that “a brick and mortar boutique creates an unparalleled sense of luxury” ; one that isn’t going to be replaced anytime soon.

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