Producer and casting director Jatin Alawadhi casts actor Deepanshu Goyal, Neaha Raj and Prabhat Kumar in an upcoming project

7 May, 2021 | newsx bureau

Deepanshu Goyal , Prabhat Kumar Entertainment

Actor Deepanshu Goyal, Neaha Raj, Prabhat Kumar: The powerful team is coming together to spellbound audiences with a great script and performances. Jatin Alawadhi is all excited to come up with his...

Actor Deepanshu Goyal, Neaha Raj, Prabhat Kumar upcoming project: Of all the things that have attracted the attention of many, the emerging new talents and the announcements of new projects coming our way to entertain us in the entertainment space have garnered the maximum headlines. Knowing more about these projects comes as a great treat for the audiences, especially now when things look quite grim due to a pandemic; producers and filmmakers are making every possible effort to put their best foot forward and come up with projects that breathe newness and uniqueness with giving opportunities to many promising talents. Acing this game in the entertainment space is Jatin Alawadhi, who is a well-known producer and casting director who has so far worked along many up and coming talents.

Recent news is abuzz that Jatin Alawadhi, who serves as the director of Wisah Entertainment Private Limited and the one who has worked with various prominent TV channels and big production houses, will now be teaming up with yet another promising project that has some great talents in the same. “To come up with an idea and work towards it takes a lot of effort, but when you get the right cast and crew, who are equally passionate about your project, you know you are with the right people who have the potential to turn the project successful,” says the leading producer, who has even produced some of the biggest songs with well-known musical artists.

Neaha Raj

Neaha Raj

Jatin Alawadhi is all excited to come up with his new project, featuring Deepanshu Goyal, Neaha Raj and Prabhat Kumar. All the three names have been astounding people with their appealing personalities and acting prowess. Deepanshu Goyal is already a well-recognized name in the TV and OTT industry, while Neaha Raj is a model, actress who is known for Mr & Miss 7 States in 2019. On the other hand, Prabhat Kumar is also a young actor from UP, India, who runs his YouTube channel named Prabhat Show.

The combination of these talents is surely going to be fire on screen, for which producer and casting director Jatin Alawadhi is all excited about and can’t wait for enough to show to the audiences.