Amarnath terror attack architect Abu Ismail eliminated by security forces

This has come as a huge victory for the Indian security forces. Terrorist Abu Ismail has been gunned down in an encounter in Kashmir’s Nowgam area.

Abu Ismail was responsible for carrying out the attack on Amarnath yatra in July in which 7 pilgrims were killed.

India’s first ever bullet train project kicks off

India’s dream project finally took off. PM Modi along with Japanese PM has launched India’s first bullet train project.

The Narendra Modi government has set an ambitious deadline of starting the bullet train on the day when India will mark its 75th year of independence, August 15, 2022.

The project is estimated to cost over 1 lakh crore rupees. 81% of the project cost will be borne via Japanese soft loan.

Launching the project, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that he is proud to be a part of it and Japan is committed to ‘Make In India’.

Hyderabad: Rohingya man nabbed with forged documents

In the backdrop of the Rohingya Rumble which has translated into massive protests in the streets of Kolkata and Delhi with politicians from the opposition joining ranks with Muslim groups to raise their voice against proposed deportation of Rohingya Muslims from India, Hyderabad police has arrested a 20-year-old Rohingya man who was in the process of getting a passport made with the help of citizenship and identity documents issued from West Bengal and Karnataka by illegal means.

The accused – MD Ismail, who has been living under different aliases in India ever since he crossed over to India illegally from Bangladesh in 2014, has brought to the fore how broker networks are active in Kolkata. Also, he shed light on Karnataka networks which facilitate hassle-free procurement of government documents for those staying illegally in the country in return for money.

The birth certificate seized from the accused incidentally was issued by the Trinamool Congress-run Dum Dum municipality in Kolkata.

Chennai Horror: Trial to begin by next week in rape case

This is a big NewsX impact. Day after NewsX exposed the injustice meted out to the father of a 7-year-old girl after the girl’s murderer was allowed to walk out on bail, Chennai police has now come out to say that the trial will begin by next week.

In February this year, the 7-year-old was raped, charred to death and dumped on the road. The incident sent shock waves across the nation, with chorus demanding strict punishment for the accused growing louder. Today, the father of the victim is fighting a lonely battle. The brute who committed this heinous act is out on bail, owing to the delay by cops and authorities. As the father fought for justice, the cops failed to reply to the Court’s query.

Priyanka Chopra draws flak for controversial comments on Sikkim

Actor Priyanka Chopra has courted controversy by her ill informed comments on Sikkim.

In an interview while promoting her northeast film production Pahuna at the Toronto International Film Festival, the actress claimed that it is the first ever film to have emerged from the region as it is a troubled and insurgency-hit state.

Priyanka was forced to apologise for her comments later.

Uttar Pradesh: Deputy CM calls to rewrite Mughal history in school syllabus

Sparking a major controversy, Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister has said that Mughal rulers looted India and hence they can’t be called our ancestors. The minister, who holds the portfolios of secondary and higher education, said that the state government is working towards introducing a new syllabus in schools that will be based on modern history.

A panel of historians will be formed to rewrite history as according to the minister, most of the Indian greats have been shown in poor light. The move has sparked controversy and the questions are being raised that how legitimate it is to manipulate the history.

Shashwat Murder: Police seizes CCTV footage as suspect doctor still at large

The main suspect in the murder of a Delhi doctor hasn’t been nabbed yet. The investigators have seized CCTV footage from St Stephen’s hospital premises that showed suspect doctor Gupta coming out of the CT scan room, where Shashwat’s body was found later in a pool of blood.

But after 20 days even the police haven’t been able to nab the accused.

Dr Shashwat was found murdered in Delhi’s St Stephen’s hospital in August allegedly by a fellow resident doctor, who is said to have been stalking the victim for nearly 2 years.

The investigators had found that doctor Suyash Gupta used to harass the victim. A campaign has been started on change of demanding justice for Shashwat.

Going Green: Bengaluru to introduce charging pods for hybrid vehicles

In a major electric vehicle push, the Karnataka government is all set to amend the building by-laws for mandatory set up of charging pods and points for electrical automobile. The state government in its new vehicle policy which has been approved by the Cabinet will be introducing amendment in which it will be mandatory for all the high rise buildings, shopping malls, special economic zones and IT-parks to have charging points and pods for electric vehicles.

The move is a major push to set up requisite infrastructure to attract consumers to go for electric vehicles rather than conventional automobiles.