Whether it is pivotal or unfortunate, but celebrities do play a big role in the world of social media where they have certain ‘superpowers’ to inspire, entice or both at the same time. Even if it’s about uploading pictures, posting videos that go viral or just their raw and unfiltered point of view, everything has a major say whenever their names get mentioned and their fame can pull something out of anything.

When it comes to them, people often forget the universal fact that everyone is human and we all are bound to make mistakes, even the silliest ones. It’s fair to say that trolls are here to criticize and they don’t care how big your last name and followers count can get.

But that doesn’t mean they are supposed to jeopardise their privacy all the time and get victimised by random people on the internet. So today on #ConnectWithNewsX we are asking — do celebs have a right to personal space or is that a price they pay for being one?