In this episode of Cover Story we take a look at the darker side of the internet and the dangers coming from the digital world. The threats which are lurking these days in the dark shadows of the street corners. The latest threat is from a game called the ‘Blue Whale’ which involves self-harm.

The administrator assigns 50 tasks that range from waking up at 4:20AM to watching psychedelic and scary videos sent by the curator to cutting your self daily to finally jumping off a high building and committing suicide on 29 July.

India woke up to the existence of the ‘Blue Whale’ when a 14-year-old boy in Mumbai committed suicide by jumping off a 7-storey building. Since then, a couple of other cases have also been linked to this game.

And later in the show we have lined up a panel to try and answer some of your questions, including Dr Shobhana Mittal, Psychiatrist; Jiten Jain, Cyber Security Expert and Dilip Cherian, Social Commentator & Image Guru with our Senior Executive Editor, Priya Sahgal.

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