This week on Flashback, we take a look at the journey an actor who personified elegance, Feroz Khan. He was born in Bangalore on September 25, 1939 to a Pathan father, Sadiq, and an Iranian mother, Fatima. He has three brothers, Abbas alias Sanjay, Akbar, and Sameer. He made his entry on the silver screen in 1960 after his return from a Bangalore-based English medium school. Apart from acting this talented artist has also edited, produced, written, & directed movies.

For the generation that grew up watching Indian cinema in the 1970s and the 1980s, Feroz Khan was the actor who personified elegance. His charm, his suave demeanour and his attitude in the movies was what attracted the audience to the theatres and garnered him a huge fan following. But the millennials know him in a dramatically different way. For them, he is still remembered for his best comic performance till date, RDX in Welcome. Welcome also happened to be his last film appearance.

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