This week on Flashback, watch the memorable journey of Bollywood’s evergreen star Dev Anand, whose flamboyant image and romantic spirit has swayed millions of fans. He was an evergreen and charming personality – a legendary actor and a superstar who has left his mark on many generations and one who lived life king size. Known for his trademark puff of hair, his sloping
walk, the swagger and smile. Dev Anand’s trademark style of dialogue delivery, his array of hats and a penchant for nodding while speaking became his style and he ruled the Hindi film world for 65 years.

Apart from his looks, he could hold the attention of the audience as he was a great actor. Years after his contemporaries stopped playing the leading men in movies, the versatile actor did not lose his innate romantic spirit and continued to woo his young heroines in movies. He was the eternal romantic hero.

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