This week on NewsX Flashback we explore the connection between Bollywood and rain. Thick storm clouds gather, after a very hot and dry summer season. Rain Gods take mercy and give something of a break from the relentless heat and also something to celebrate.

Listen to the music and for sheer joy in Bharat Vyas’ lines as the song captures a farmers feeling as now he can harvest a good crop from the barren land. Rain has been linked to Bollywood since the very beginning of the film industry. It’s the one element that has been used to portray a variety of emotions and situations, to show romance or heartbreak. To depict sensuality or just simple playfulness. It is used to make the intimate scenes between the actor and actress’ more romantic in the movies. In ‘Kala Bazaar’ Waheeda Rehman and Dev Anand come face to face on a rainy day in Bombay after being separated by circumstances despite loving each other. As the taxis are all taken they have to walk; they are silent as they go, each lost in their memories of the other as the song plays.

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