This week on Flashback, watch the memorable journey of the India’s Clint Eastwood, Feroz Khan and his films which were largely about panache and style. He did not walk, he swaggered. No wan smile for him! This red-blooded man preferred to win women with a cheesy grin that reached his crinkling eyes. He left his shirt unbuttoned to reveal a brawny chest and sported tight fitting trousers. A cigarette dangled from his lips, a femme fatale hung on his arm and a horse waited for his bidding. He spoke with an American twang. The Clint Eastwood of the East seems to have come via Texas, not Bangalore. His admirers vouch that tough man Khan’s appeal lay in what he held back rather than what he expressed. In an age when underplaying was considered the domain of character actors like Balraj Sahni and Motilal, Khan’s emotional economy was often mistaken for wooden acting.

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