This week on Flashback, we take a look at the journey of an incredible actor, filmmaker, producer and the television presenters Aamir Khan, he was born on the 14th March 1965 in Mumbai to Tahir Hussain, a film producer and Zeenat Hussain. Several of his relatives were also part of this industry including his late paternal uncle producer, director Nasir Hussain in whose film he made his debut as a child artist when he was just 8 years old, the film was ‘Yaadon Ki Baaraat’. He also acted in Tahir Hussain’s film ‘Madhosh’ perhaps Aamir has found his true calling or perhaps his destiny beckoned him despite his parental objection he discontinued studying after completing his high-school and choose instead to assist his uncle Nasir Hussain for his two productions ‘Manzil-Manzil’ and ‘Zabardast’. Simultaneously Aamir Khan also started acting in documentaries made by the students of FTII Pune to accomplish his dream of becoming an actor one day. His efforts bore fruit as the acclaimed filmmaker Ketan Mehta noticed Aamir Khan in those films and offers him a role in his low budgeted experimental drama ‘Holi’ a film dealing with the practice of raging in India, saw Aamir Khan slipping into the character of a rowdy college student with absolute finesse.

One of the most gifted method actors ever to have graced the silver screen, from rollicking comedies to high octane action drama’s and from socially relevant subjects to iconic love saga’s he have and continues to stand his class in every project he undertakes and gives a style distinctively of his own. He is called the perfectionist, a maverick, a marketing genius, and Mr. Blockbuster. Aamir khan success script is what masala Hindi films are up made of. His journey has had many films with almost an astounding success rate, the journey has been an uncompromising one. He has done films at his pace and at his will and whim. Currently, Amir Khan is travelling the big screen and the small screen with great ease. Along with high TV rating, he is also entertaining and giving box office hits. Impressing all with his onscreen characters and talent whether it’s a double role in Dhoom 3 or an alien in PK. Age is just a number for this talented star actor as he is busy scaling new height each year. Like a fine wine, he only seems to be getting better with age. And with a distinguished career of 3 decades, 4 national, 7 film fare awards Padmashree and Padma Bhushan it does seem that Amir Khan has done bada kaam to earn bada naan.

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