This week on Flashback, we take a look at the life of the legendary singer of Hindi cinema Geeta Dutt, blessed with that rare spunk and an inimitable style she breathe life into every song that she rendered. Seductive Sizzlers or breezy delights, Geeta Dutt had the voice that can still pursue us through the heaps of time. She was a meteor, who could last only half a life, but in that span she created an oeuvre of distinct sound and elegance.

Born in a rich zamindar family on the 23rd of November 1930 in Faridpur district in central Bengal, she was one of the ten children of Debendranath Ghosh Roy Chowdhury and Amiya Devi. It was during the tumultuous decade of 40’s that her parents shifted their base to Bombay a city that was fast becoming the melting pot of the many artists from different parts of India, sitting for hours listening to boatmen singing their folk songs on the shores of the mighty Padma river. It was in Bengal that the music slipped into her veins and became a part of her being.As destiny would have it she came in touch with music director Pandit Hanuman Prasad who accidentally heard her singing in the balcony of her flat while he was passing by the street. Overwhelmed by her lilting voice he ask her to sing two lines for his film Bhakt Prahlad in his recording studio and the rest they say is history.

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