It’s official. The self styled godman Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh will spend the next 20 years of his life in jail for raping two women. The sentence was pronounced by the judge who had to be flown down to the Rohtak jail today in view of security concerns given the mayhem Haryana witnessed on Friday after the rapist baba was found guilty.

The makeshift court at the Rohtak jail witnessed high drama with Ram Rahim breaking down and begging the judge for mercy even refusing to leave the courtroom and eventually being dragged out. But this is not the only story that has been grabbing headlines. Here’s another dimension of the entire sordid saga that News X has been highlighting since yesterday. And now we have more details that shed light on the nefarious designs of the fraud baba and his cohorts. And no it’s not confined to the heinous crime of rape.

Sample this – As part of a larger sinister plot on the day he was found guilty by a Panchkula court, 5 Haryana police constables belonging to Ram Rahim’s security detail and 6 of his private security guards tried to help him escape from the court. Not only that, these men had also come heavily armed with guns and magazines and were willing to go to any length to save the rapist godman. And so they even tried to kill some of the security personnel on the court premises by running them over in their car.

So the question we’re asking tonight is – is it enough that this criminal has been convicted and jailed for rape? Should he not be booked for attempt to murder and sedition as well? Clearly, these security guards couldn’t have hatched such a sinister plot all by themselves without the express approval and active involvement of Ram Rahim. Also, what about the very real possibility of the involvement of certain higher ups in the Haryana police or even the govt in this plot? Doesn’t a thorough and independent probe need to be launched to get to the bottom of this nefarious conspiracy?