She’s someone who has emerged as a role model for young Kashmiris. Someone who has the courage to speak the truth. Someone who is brave enough to hold a mirror to those who choose to look the other way when confronted with the truth, and someone who represents the real voice of Kashmir. But of course there are those who cannot handle the truth and will do what they can to silence people like her and often their weapon of choice is abuse conveniently hiding behind the comfort of anonymity that social media offers.

A young Kashmiri woman, an NCC cadet from South Kashmir has been viciously trolled on Facebook. Why? Because she had a strong message for the youth of Kashmir where she appealed to them to shun stone pelting and azadi campaigns adding “real azadi, real freedom is in India… if you want azadi, it is right here”.

No sooner had her message been posted online, a barrage of abuse followed. The question we’re asking is – Is it a crime for a Kashmiri to be pro-India? The moment a Kashmiri speaks in favour of India, their own country, do they have to be abused threatened intimidated? Why can’t Pakistan’s proxies handle the truth that people like her are the real voice of Kashmir?