A spectacular performance in State Board class 12 exams in all likelihood would have given wings to her sole dream and aim of cracking the medical entrance exam.

She had obtained a seat in aeronautical engineering at the Prestigous Madras Institute of Technology, a seat that meant nothing to her. Her dreams have been clipped and wishes shattered. The face and light of the fight against NEET in Supreme Court has been extinguished, forever.

17-year-old Dalit Girl from Tamil Nadu’s Ariyalur District – Anitha killed herself, a week after the Supreme Court declared that no state can be exempted from NEET.

The politicians have bickered and post Anitha’s death, the bickering has escalated to new heights. But, tonight the anger and outrage over Anitha’s death is real, the nation is fuming, speaking in one voice.

Tonight, the politicians of Tamil Nadu and of every other state must hear the collective voice of this nation — This is not suicide, it’s a murder, it’s criminal. The answers need to be found – who is responsible for this loss?