In one of the worst terror attacks in the Kashmir Valley in years and a cowardly barbaric and beastly one at that, 7 Amarnath pilgrims were killed and at least 19 others injured late last evening when terrorists opened heavy fire on a bus carrying the pilgrims who were returning from the Amarnath shrine. The bus was surrounded on three sides by terrorists near a security checkpost in Anantnag and fired at.

The same terrorists had first fired at an armoured police car. The police are categorical it was the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) that carried out the horrific attack and the mastermind is a Pakistani terrorist named Abu Ismail Jammu and Kashmir CM Mehbooba Mufti has called the attack “a blot on all Muslims and Kashmiris.” Remember the bus was carrying at least 60 pilgrims, and the casualties could have been far worse were it not for the presence of mind and courage of the bus driver Saleem Sheikh. He didn’t stop the bus and continued to drive through a hail of bullets. Saleem managed to save scores of precious lives and has emerged as a hero for the country.

Now even ordinary citizens of this country have been at pains to say terrorists cannot divide us they cannot succeed in their nefarious designs to create communal strife, in this country and that the need of the hour is for all of us as Indians to come together and say we are going to stay united and we are going to fight the scourge of terrorism unitedly. The trouble is the politicians in this country don’t seem to understand that language of unity. Barely hours after the chilling attack we had the unfortunate but all too familiar script playing out. Political parties bickering and pointing fingers at and blaming each other. Many calling for the dismissal of the Mehbooba Mufti govt and imposition of Governor’s rule in Jammu and Kashmir. Many blaming PM Modi.

The question we’re asking is this — Can’t our politicians for once rise above petty party politics? Can’t they for once set aside their vested political interests and unite for the sake of the country? Can’t they for once stop pointing accusing fingers at each other and speak in one voice? Can’t they for once unite to send out a stern message to Pakistan? Can’t they for once put India first? And with Pakistan’s role in fomenting terror in India becoming clear once again. the question we need to ask is just how do we make Pakistan pay. How do we send this one message to Pakistan that enough is enough?