The Allahabad High Court, one of the oldest High Courts in India has gone digital under Chief Justice Dilip Babasaheb Bhosale.

In fact Allahabad is biggest high court in India was sanctioned strength of 160 judges and serves close to one sixth India’s population. How will the courts digitisation help the litigants, judicial staff and registry is discussed at length.

Justice Madan Lokur, Judge, Supreme Court of India recently inaugurated two e-courts at the Allahabad High Court. Justice Lokur heads the E-Committee that is in charge of transforming courts to the digital age.

Already a lot of lawyers have started using mobile apps to access date of cases and court orders. The episode brings up issues like psychology of judicial officers and lawyers to adopt to technology and how would it help the justice delivery system as a whole. Infrastructure challenges at the district level are also discussed for a unified District Court to Supreme Court level digitally connected system.

Fresh ideas for digitisation are also brought up in the discussion like a portal when one can download an entire case along with pleadings.

Justice Lokur has also advised that repeated use of e-filing will ease the burden of judiciary and registry. The episode discusses how this will help the whole system of justice delivery as a whole.

Already, Rs 700 crore worth of hardware was availed by the courts last year and the budget for digitisation in the second phase is Rs 1670 crore. Once the system is even partially digitised, one can access record of the trial court digitally at the High Court and Supreme Court at the click of a button.