This episode decodes the implications for common people in the aftermath of the historic 9-judge bench judgement of the Supreme Court recognizing Right to Privacy as a fundamental right.

Adv Apar Gupta, advocate for the petitioners in the Right to Privacy case, Adv Raman Cheema , global policy director, Access Now, an international non profit that succeeded getting the USA reform its controversial Patriot Act and Adv Mohammed Khan, advocate in Aadhar as a money bill case discuss the implications of the Right to Privacy Judgement with Tarun Nangia. How the judgement will change common people’s relationship with service providers like Uber, Facebook, Ola, music apps and other service providing apps and how the judgement will be applicable to the private sector

The court has entrusted the Shri. Krishna committee to come up with a new data protection law, the panel discusses the forward looking implications of the judgement as India comes up with and codifies a data protection law which may ultimately result in to a data protection authority.