It is common knowledge that lakhs of houses are kept locked for years, particularly in big cities and metropolitan cities, because house owners are not certain that even after the expiry of lease or license period, the house, flat or the apartment would be vacated or not? said Justice Dalveer Bhandari in a 2011 judgment pertaining to a Civil Appeal. This episode discusses who the law is being abused by offenders who take houses on rent and then try to usurp the property by neither paying the rent nor vacating the property. It also discusses how the current legal system is being used by such offenders to their benefit and how very little they have to pay via penalty for such an act which indeed proves as an encouragement to such offenders to usurp properties which has put many people at risk. How judicial delayed and the current system has meant that it may take even more than a decade to get the house vacated, and then even with decree in one’s favour, one has to file another appeal for execution of decree and also for recovery of money, which all takes a toll on the victim.

Tarun Nangia takes up this issue with Justice Jaspal Singh, former Judge of the Delhi High Court, who was also the rent controller of Delhi earlier shares his experience along with Adv. Gaurav Gupta and Dr. Sangita Nangia.