Swedish car maker Volvo has launched its fastest and most powerful car yet S60 Polestar in India. As is the case with cars from the performance division of German luxury car makers, there are enough tell tale signs on the S 60 Polestar that this is not your regular S60 sedan.

Of course the Polestar logo gives it way on both the front as well as rear but there are also a lot of other design elements that aid in better aerodynamics. The bumper has been redesigned and the skirting along with the splitter is sportier and the air intakes also are designed to do a better job.

The S 60 Polestar runs on a 4-cylinder 2.0 liter Petrol engine. This Drive-E engine is twin-charged engine and produces a whopping 367 horsepower and 470 Nm. And all that translates into a quick Volvo as the car does a 0 – 100 km/h in just 4.7 seconds. The top speed is limited electronically to 250kmph.

The car was launched at the Kari racetrack in a very pleasant Coimbatore after which we got to sample this newest set of wheels from Volvo.