The courts have now endorsed a Kerala government decision to confine the sale of alcohol to 5 star hotels. Along with toddy shops, you can now say goodbye to your freedom to consume alcohol.

The Kerala government had moved to regulate the sale in the name of public health. This is a curious reason because the Kerala government can always be asked how the interest of public health being served by serving liquor in 5-star hotels.

Is the Kerala government implying that the rich don’t have a right to well being? Then there is the question of discrimination. Is consuming liquor the preserve of the rich? Most importantly is it the state’s case that the poor cannot be trusted to exercise choice or hold their drink? If this is the case then the Kerala government is only exposing its contempt for the less privileged.

Then there is of course the larger question: Should the state in the first place be deciding what you eat, drink or even watch? Aren’t we capable of deciding for ourselves? And what else will the state arbitrate on our behalf? If you’re watching this story, don’t think it is someone else’s problem. Remember your state government may go the Kerala way. Take a stand before it is too late.