This is the most alarming news report of 2015: 3 days after the Centre had denied the prospect totally out of hand NewsX has accessed an Intel report that reveals that the brute Islamic State terror group or ISIS has now entered India. The report reveals how groups of Indian youth have been recruited by the Islamic State to carry out deadly Paris style attack.

The Intel report calls out the centre and the BJP that has steadfastly claimed that Indian Muslims are immune to the allure of extremism as it is alien to their nature. So the obvious question is what explains this Radicalisation? If you ask the congress or other opposition parties they will jump to point out that they have been warning that ISIS was poised to get a toehold in India because of religious Polarisation.

Is this the case? Or is the rise of the ISIS in India a result of the tendency in some political parties to justify radicalisation in a brazen attempt at courting vote banks. You don’t have to look too far beyond than the hanging of Afzal guru and Yakub Memon or even the 26/11 attacks for examples of our Netas turning apologists for terror and their perpetrators. The debate needs to take place tonight because any delay in accepting the facts as they are will prove catastrophic for India and the security of millions of Indians.