The Supreme Court has stirred a hornet’s nest. It took one question from the apex court today to upset traditionalists who have imposed the outdated custom of keeping women of menstrual age out of Sabarimala for 1500 years.
The bench was hearing a PIL, filed by the young lawyers association, seeking entry for all women and girls in the Sabarimala temple which, as a practice, does not allow girls after attaining puberty to enter the premises. 
Today by questioning the ban on the entry of women at the Sabarimala temple in Kerala, the apex court has the cat among the pigeons. The apex court believes the practice has to be done away with unless the temple has been authorised to impose the restriction by the Constitution. 
Temple spokespersons and traditionalists are accusing the apex court of cultural insensitivity. Equal rights activists are welcoming the Supreme Court’s query on what they believe is a naked attempt imposing a patriarchal code to subjugate women in the name of customs.