This is a news story about the dangers of pandering to anti-nationalism; of the dangers of giving a licence to, for instance the Afzal league in JNU, to chant anti-India slogans in the name of free speech; of the dangers of uncorking the genie of separatism in the name of the right to self-determination.
In Kashmir today, while our braves battled terror, just metres away locals gathered to chant Azadi and praise the terrorists for bravely combating the might of the Indian state. The anti-India sloganeering was captured on NewsX cameras. Obviously, the anti-India sentiment left a bad taste.
The commander of the anti-terror operation expressed his disappointment. Morale is everything and a licence to indulge in anti-national activities saps it totally. Emboldened by the support these anti-nationals got in JNU expect more groups to come out. In this context it has become incumbent upon our political parties to unite and send a message to those who delight in undermining the national interest. This nasty politically motivated campaign must end.
We’ll ask a few salient questions tonight—Would Azadi slogans have been chanted during an encounter if mainstream parties had united to slam Azadi slogans in JNU? Have netas through their support of Afzal league opened a Pandora’s box of ‘sedition’?