It has taken the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir to hold up the mirror to terrorists.
In an exceptional act of telling it as it is, Mehbooba Mufti has slammed terrorists for launching attacks during the holy month of Ramadan in the
process bringing Islam and Kashmir into disrepute.
By drawing a link between Islam and terror Mufti has sparked a massive debate that a large number of people have for years all together duplicitously tried to sweep under the carpet. Unsurprisingly again today a whole host of so-called secular, liberal parties have slammed Mufti for linking terror to religion, in specific to Islam.
Of course these parties have conveniently forgotten that they were the firstto dredge up the spectre of Hindu terror when it suited them. At that time, of course, it didn’t tickle their sensitivities that they were linking terror with religion.
Having said this NewsX would like to ask, is it their case that there is no such thing like Islamic terror?