The Bangladesh government has in all honesty drawn a link between radical Islam and terror. Dhaka has told Delhi that the terrorists who perpetrated the heinous attack were not only instructed by Pakistan but were inspired by an Indian Islamic preacher called Zakir Naik.
In fact it turns out that a handful of youth who were arrested in Hyderabad for planning an attack on behalf of the dreaded Islamic State were also inspired by Zakir Naik. This Mumbai based preacher peddles his obnoxious propaganda on Peace TV. Zakir Naik has at various times refused to term Osama Bin Laden a terrorist; endorsed ISIS in allowing its brutes to have sex with female slaves among other obtuse hate filled pullulations. For these rants Zakir Naik has been banned in most countries including Muslim-majority Indonesia.
But here in India Zakir finds himself elevated to celebrity status. Instead of condemning him in India he is often defended like he will be tonight in the ensuing programme. Most of these self styled humanists will defend him on the pretext that he has a right to free speech. This tolerance to hate mongering Naik is in stark contrast to the barbs reform minded individuals like Irrfan Khan and Zakia Soman are pelted with when they call for constructive introspection.
Why these double standards? Why does the desperate urge for political correctness blind us to facts that pose an existential threat to civilised societies?