For a state which is used to go to bed with the piercing sound of cross border firing and wake up on most mornings with mortar shelling in the backdrop it was a welcome break today. The banks of the picturesque Dal Lake sprung to life with mellifluous tunes of love, compassion and unity belted out by one of the finest musicians of recent times.

Adnan Sami incidentally was born in London to a Pakistani diplomat father and his mother is from Jammu & Kashmir. He wilfully chose to severe his umbilical cord with the rogue state of Pakistan and embrace Indian citizenship.

The concert that was aimed at bringing out the lively side of Kashmir was organised jointly by the Mehbooba Mufti government and the Ministry of Home Affairs to promote tourism and celebrate the beauty, culture and music of Kashmir. Incidentally, pro-pakistan Huriyat Hawk Syed Ali Geelani’s grandson Anees was a key member of the organising team.

Held just 4 days after a suicide attack on a BSF camp in Srinagar, the concert has been India’s answer to Pakistan and its proxies who have been working tirelessly to fan unrest in the valley and target our men in uniform and innocent civilians. A message loud and clear that India wants peace and love to permeate the air of Kashmir and not hatred and bloodshed. While the centre and the state worked tirelessly to make the concert a success, naysayer netas questioned the move.