Over 2,000 students and their parents have been staging massive protests in Karnataka. after the Karnataka government decided to withdraw aid to two schools run by RSS man Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat.

These schools had been receiving government funding since 2007. The Siddaramaiah government says these are private schools adopted by a temple trust. Therefore, the government cannot be expected to continue pumping in funds to sustain these schools.

The parents of the students say, “94 per cent of the students belong to poor, backward classes, scheduled castes, tribes and minorities and the government funds helped provide free mid-day meals, uniforms and textbooks to them.

They also argue that 52 such schools across the state continue to receive government grants. But these two schools have been targeted specifically as the crackdown is politically motivated given the rivalry between Karnataka Minister Ramanath Rai and the RSS leader who runs the schools.

The question is — Are the children paying the price for the political games playing out in Karnataka less than a year ahead of the state assembly elections? And quite simply shouldn’t children be left out of politics?