We burn 58 crore litres of petrol per day. If you cut just 1 rs in the price of petrol and diesel, that’s 58 crore rupees into the pockets of you and me per day. That’s roughly 22,000 crores per year. That’s 170 bucks for every man woman and child and India. If it gets cut by 3 bucks, that’s a 500 rupee note for all of us, even the babes in arms. If you travel just a 1000 kilometres a month, which is nothing special, you’re already saving 2000 rupees a month from yesterday’s announcement…doesn’t sound like much. It’s easily 25 kilos of Pyaaz per month…easily covering your monthly onion eating and cooking. The truth is that half of what you pay for petrol and diesel is the tax, it’s a milch cow. Mother Hen. for government at state and centre to fill up their coffers. The opposition has been whining that the government has shown sleight of hand by not cutting petrol prices despite a dip in international oil…so the govt yesterday, and asked the states to do the same from their tax quote. Today Gujarat cut vat on petrol, but opposition-ruled states like Kerala have flatly refused, Bengal isn’t thrilled either. They’re saying it’s the centre’s problem, not theirs. So at a time of an economic dip. If, you believe the govt or gloom and doom if you believe the opposition…why wouldn’t our Netas want to give us the most direct and obvious stimulus…straight into your job search…isn’t that disingenuous.