In August, when she exposed the VVIP treatment meted out to Sasikala, she was threatened, abused, transferred and hounded. Since August, there has been more than enough proof which vindicates the claims made by 42-year-old IPS officer and whistleblower cop DIG Roopa.

Today, DIG Roopa’s report exposing the violations of the prison manual appears to be only the tip of the ice berg. NewsX has accessed the RTI Reply which is the last nail in the coffin. VVIP Treatment, special privileges and no prison duties allotted.

7 people including Karnataka AIADMK Secretary meet Sasikala in Jail for 15 minutes, whereas only 4 are allowed at a time. This RTI blows the lid off how Prison Visitors Rule is bent for Politicians visiting convict Sasikala.

And while more and more evidence is coming to the fore, proving and nailing the lapses– Siddaramaiah led Karnataka Govt has refused to pass the buck, feigning ignorance and at times, arrogance too.