Iceberg to Titanic. I think the reports of destruction are overly pessimistic..that’s the pun Rahul Gandhi had to pull on twitter as he team have been trying to hammer home the point that the economy is slipping. We’re certainly not in a supercharged acceleration, the govt insists the fundamentals remain strong. We’ve heard that before, there’s this long-term short term. we’re all going to die philosophical war going on. Here’s the fine line, it’s the opposition’s job to make a big deal about even the slightest blips because if that prompts proactive corrections and more energy from the government of the day, that’s a good thing. It’s the government’s duty to ensure stability, confidence. you can’t have Jaitley as the finance minister going oh my god. titanic, iceberg etcetra…but when the opposition starts talking down the economy, even as the govt talks it up, there’s a danger in that. If one single investor has put off plans to invest and create jobs in India because Rahul Gandhi says we’re heading to the bottom of the Atlantic, then that’s a loss. So where is that fine line? What better model does the Congress and the opposition have? What do they want from the government? Because it is for the opposition to hope that the govt falls flat on its face and fails, but none of us should even be secretly hoping that India fails. We’re all in the same boat, let’s dodge the iceberg. not distract the captain and then cry vindication when the prophecy comes’s what happened, then we have that conversation