Ever since Supreme Court (SC) announced its verdict of abolishing Triple Talaq, the debate on personal laws is gaining centre-stage yet again. So, in this episode of The Roundtable, we debate should India allow religious communities to have to their personal laws or is it time to have Uniform Civil Code (UCC)? In India Muslims, Christians, Parsis and Jews are governed by their personal laws while Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs follow the Hindu Code Bill. Isn’t it time to retrospect the various retrograde customs like dowry, manglik, child marriage, divorce also.

Well to debate this on The Roundtable we have been joined by a multicultural panel, Senior Advocate and Rajya Sabha Member, KTS Tulsi; RSS Ideologue, Rakesh Sinha; Editor of Nai Duniya, Shahid Siddiqui and Priest Incharge of Epiphany Church, Rev Sunil S Ghazan in conversation with our Senior Executive Editor, Priya Sahgal

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