So in India, as per statistics you surely don’t need an epidemic for the public health system in India to collapse. It is a matter of routine that patients share beds and doctors are overworked.

To this terrible shortage of infrastructure, add apathy and you have bodies of the dead being mutilated by dogs in hospital morgues, people carrying home their dead children because the hospital refused them a hearse.

Then tragedies like the hundreds of infant deaths in Gorakhpur’s Baba Raghav Das (BRD) Medical College every year that point to a systemic rot in public healthcare delivery saddled with problems of mismanagement and inadequate resources.

But what we will talk about today will shock you even more. Because till now its been about the system, where the doctor with the hypocrite oath will save us always but the horrific situation in a Jodhpur hospital where doctors were quarreling in OT that led to a newborn’s death is unacceptable. At spotlight we ask why is there so much of medical apathy.